Kaliii has refuted allegations that she borrowed from Keyshia Cole‘s hit song “Love” without permission.

On Saturday (February 10), Cole expressed her frustrations on X (formerly Twitter) over the Atlanta native sampling her on her latest single “Bozo,” which was released last week.

“I don’t think it’s ok to sample people’s music without clearing it first. Stealing peoples hard work isn’t ok. Ever,” she wrote, albeit without naming Kaliii specifically.

However, when a fan mentioned the rapper’s song, Cole made it clear that her issue wasn’t with Kaliii specifically: “It’s not baby girl fault so don’t go in on her! Young black women don’t need to be tore down. So DONT DO THAT!”

She then revealed that she has not yet approved a sample request for “Love,” writing: “So many people have asked to sample LOVE, I should’ve cheated. Heaven sent. I have never said yes yet.”

Upon catching wind of the ruckus, Kalii took to X to defend herself and claimed that “Bozo” was in fact cleared.

However, Keyshia Cole doubled down on her stance, responding: “Like I said, I never cleared it. And like I said, I don’t think it’s your fault.. love u, wishing u all the best in your career.”

The amicable dispute continued as Kaliii wrote back: “Keyshia, let’s not act like a song can be distributed on every single major platform without it being cleared by you or your team. your side dropped the ball. Thanks for the wishes, same to you my love.”

Kaliii’s clap back comes on the heels of her feature on a new remix by Honey BxBy — an alternate edition to her song “Touchin,’” which was originally released as part of her 3 Words, 8 Letters album in early 2023.

During the opening line, the “Area Codes” rhymer interpolates a classic Biggie bar, rapping: “First things first, I, Kaliii, tricks all the n-ggas” — a nod to his line from the “One More Chance” remix: First things first, I, Poppa, freaks all the honeys.”

As for Keyshia Cole, the R&B veteran recently teamed up with Nicki Minaj on “Love Me Enough,” a bonus song on her Pink Friday 2 album.

The song, which also features Monica, was first teased on Instagram Live shortly before the album’s release, where Nicki challenged the two singers to a playful freestyle session.

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Keyshia Cole’s Child’s Father Makes Miraculous Recovery After Gruesome Stabbing

“Listen to me, I’m gonna start the rap. Who got second? Who got third? You have to be on-key,” Minaj said while snapping her fingers to the beat.

“Monica and Keyshia/ Me, I’m Onika,” she softly rapped on the chorus.

Monica then took the baton from Nicki: “I’m Mo, I kick down doors/ I been with the shits, I already told you before.”

Keyshia brought things home, rapping: “So I’m KC you know me/ I’m from the town, I’m town bound/ I ain’t around right now, I’m in the booth/ It’s the new doo-doo.”

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