It doesn’t get much worse for a multiplayer launch: broken matchmaking, frequent crashes, and a kernel-level anti-cheat system that everyone hates. Helldivers 2’s first day was not a great start. And while stability seems a touch worse on PC, there have been problems across the board, regardless of the platform. The bugs were winning. 

When I first jumped in, I was stuck playing solo. Nobody on my friends list was playing yet, and matchmaking was completely broken. For a game designed for squads, with no bot feature, this is a mammoth-sized problem. 

(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

It’s possible to solo Helldivers 2, especially on the lower difficulty levels, and even without teammates you can still drop back into a mission after death, but it’s a slog. Vastly outnumbered and relatively fragile, completing missions was an uphill struggle. I quickly gave up. Sorry, Superearth, you’re just not worth the hassle of saving. 

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By fcjyy