If you’re not in the habit of poking around the corner of Steam dedicated to hidden object games, you likely haven’t come across Follow the Fun, who is quite possibly the most prolific game developer in all of PC gaming. Follow the Fun has pumped out dozens of hidden object games since 2022, all with titles like I Commissioned Some Bees! or I Commissioned Some Cats! or I Commissioned Some Unicorns! They are, one and all, exactly what they claim to be. For the low-low price of $3.99, you get a handful of beautiful, intricately detailed pictures that the game’s creator paid an artist for, with 100+ little prizes secreted away inside them.

The name was actually intended to be ambiguous. ‘I commissioned some bees…’ to do what?

“The name was actually intended to be ambiguous,” says developer Follow the Fun. “‘I commissioned some bees… to do what?’, as if I’d commissioned the bees themselves.” With their first hidden object game released in March 2022, they were hoping to make people curious. You’ve got to click through to the game before the meaning is revealed.

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By fcjyy