ILLENIUM is used to setting and shattering his own records.

11 years after debuting in the dance music scene back in 2013, the Grammy-nominated beatsmith is still ascending to new heights after performing a pair of momentous sold-out shows at SoFi Stadium. was on the ground for the culmination of his Los Angeles takeover after he promised to deliver “the largest laser show at a dance concert ever.”

ILLENIUM’s “Trilogy” concert at SoFi Stadium on February 4th, 2024.

Brian Rapaport/Insomniac Events

The stadium was already pulsating with energy as Trivecta took the stage before commanding the crowd with his visceral melodic bass music. Despite the lingering daylight, his energy and undeniable stage presence were infectious as he played guitar on his remix of “Starfall” and crafted a set infused with a variety of heavy-hitting drops. 

Soon enough, ILLENIUM took the stage for the first of his three sets, which collectively encompassed his five-album discography. Featuring prized tracks like “Where’d U Go” and his remix of Kaskade’s “Disarm You,” the nostalgic set focused on his first two albums, Ashes and Awake. Clear highlights were when he brought out SLANDER and Krewella for “Lay it Down” and MAX for “Beautiful Creatures.” 

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ILLENIUM then swiftly returned to the stage for his second set, focusing on his third album, Ascend, and Grammy-nominated fourth album, Fallen Embers. From the dynamic intro, it was evident that he intended to propel us into the more aggressive segment of the night.

Following an epic live guitar performance of “Hearts on Fire” from Dabin, the stadium came to life as ILLENIUM’s “Trilogy” production unfolded with full force. With 360° lasers, pyro towers and a colossal LED wall, the visual spectacle mesmerized and engulfed us in a dazzling display of light and sound.

Not only did he play his most iconic tracks, like “Blame Myself” and “Gold,” but he also brought out Seven Lions to play an unreleased progressive house collaboration. ILLENIUM also dropped an unreleased collaboration with Rezz.

To bring the set to a climactic close, ILLENIUM serenaded the crowd with his beloved tracks “Good Things Fall Apart” and the outro from “Sad Songs,” sending shivers down our collective spine as the crowd belted in perfect unison. 

From there, it was tough to fathom what else ILLENIUM could possibly have in store to close out the night. However, he delivered. Joined by a full live band including Annika Wells, Said the Sky, Taylor Dearman, Bonnie Brooks and Nicholas Totton, ILLENIUM delivered a masterful performance, showcasing his latest album in breathtaking fashion.

Not only was it a testament to his years of hard work, but the array of special guests underscored the deep relationships that ILLENIUM has cultivated throughout his musical journey. From Teddy Swims and Alex Gaskarth to Trippie Redd and Sueco, it was abundantly clear that these collaborations were more than just performances—they were manifestations of genuine camaraderie and mutual respect.

Underscoring the transformative power of dance music, ILLENIUM’s takeover of SoFi Stadium wasn’t just another concert—it was a bona fide showcase of his ability to curate an immersive experience for his fans. And as the lights came back on and the crowd dispersed into the night, it was certain his legacy as a visionary artist and aesthete had been solidified, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who were fortunate enough to be a part of it.

You can watch ILLENIUM’s full “Trilogy” performance from Sunday below.



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