Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is due out for PlayStation 5 on February 29.

Watch a new set of videos below.

Hi, everyone. I’m Naoki Hamaguchi, the director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

I hope you liked what you saw in the trailer. Moving on, I’d like to take some time to give you a more in-depth look at Rebirth.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cloud and his companions triumph over destiny. Leaving the city of Midgar behind, they step out into an unfamiliar wilderness. It is here that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth begins.

The stage upon which this ragtag band’s story unfolds is both vast and varied. The world is made up of multiple regions, all seamlessly interconnected.

The Grasslands. Located due South of Midgard, this is where Cloud and the gang resume their adventure.

The Junon Region. Where a metropolis by the same name overlooks the ocean. A symbol of Shinra’s military might.

The Corel Region. The resort town of Costa del Sol adorns its northern shore, while the Gold Saucer stands as a gilded oasis above the dustbowl, far to the south.

The Gongaga Region. Pay tribute to Zack by exploring his hometown. Or visit what remains of the local Mako reactor.

The Cosmo Canyon Region. Become one with the planet as you return to Red XIII’s roots.

The Nibel Region. Take a trip down memory lane with Cloud and Tifa. Or stop by Shinra Manor where Vincent rests in peace.

Your adventure will even extend to the high seas. There’s more to do than simply walk around however.

First, let’s look at World Intel. Assisting Chadley with his research will deepen his understanding of the world, allowing him to develop new Materia. This research takes many forms, such as wrangling Chocobos, or playing with the Mooglettes at their mog stools.

You may also come across Sentries brimming with knowledge of divine entities. Or lairs inhabited by fierce and unique foes. Chadley will also enlist your help in researching mysterious artifacts known as Protorelics.

Each investigation is its own side story featuring a colorful cast of characters, exciting new mini games, and ferocious creatures. Are you up for the challenge? And once you recover all the Protorelics scattered throughout the world, there’s no telling what new developments might be in store.

Next, let’s talk about odd jobs. These quests offer a deep dive into the regions of the world and the crazy characters who inhabit them.

As a merc, Cloud will accept work from people he meets in his travels and team up with his pals to solve their troubles. By helping those in need, he will also strengthen the bond between him and his comrades.

Each one of these odd jobs boasts a unique side story. Some, like Johnny’s quest line, borrow aspects from the original Final Fantasy VII, while others highlight content exclusive to Rebirth.

You’ll find all sorts of jobs the world over. And don’t worry if you leave some for later. Story progression won’t effect your side hustle. You can always go back to tie up loose ends. And this freedom to experience the story how you want is one of Rebirth‘s greatest strengths.

While some mini games are tied to World Intel and odd jobs, many are not. For example, popular ones from the Gold Saucer such as 3D Brawler, G-Bike, and Chocobo Racing are in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth too. Others improve upon their Remake versions, while still more are completely new to Rebirth.

We’ve even fleshed out some of the mini games that were featured as part of the original Final Fantasy VII‘s main scenario. Though this one is not in the original, I highly suggest you check out the card game, Queen’s Blood. No matter where you are in the story, it’s sure to both challenge and entertain you. Enjoy collecting all the cards and building your own unique decks.

While mini games and map exploration are a big part of Rebirth‘s charm, there’s more to it than just that. Rebirth provides a cinematic experience with even higher quality content and more of it than Remake.

This installment follows Cloud and company after they escape Midgar up through to their arrival at the Forgotten Capital. We’ve taken painstaking care to depict how the group bonds during their journey, one that ultimately decides Aerith’s fate. Once you finish Rebirth, I’m sure you’ll agree that no other game makes you feel quite this close to its characters.

As for the graphics, Rebirth makes full use of the PlayStation 5 and its SSD. Meaning we could use much higher resolution assets than we could in Remake. And they will still load in the blink of an eye. Maintain a 60 frames per second framerate with Performance Mode. Or prioritize 4K resolution with Graphics Mode. Whichever you prefer, Rebirth has you covered.

Each character interacts with the world in their own way. Barret shoots objects. Yuffie swings across gaps. Tifa has her grappling gun. Red can climb along walls. Cait Sith grabs and throws items. And Aerith manipulates the life stream. Whatever challenges you face, your teammates will be ready to help you overcome them.

Now for the music. We wanted to pay respect to the original Final Fantasy VII‘s tracks but also challenge ourselves by matching the feeling of each scene, which resulted in some truly innovative arrangements.

Like, for example, the following…

[Music Plays]

How was that? If you enjoyed what you heard, we recorded well over 400 new tracks for this game. So there’s plenty more where that came from.

Your party’s bonds aren’t just reflected in the story, but through gameplay as well. The choices you make throughout your adventure will change the way your comrades feel towards Cloud. These feelings effect who will join you on a date at the Gold Saucer, something I’m sure many of you are excited about. In fact, even allies who weren’t available in the original Final Fantasy VII can now accompany you, provided you play your cards right. The Saucer is packed with many incredible sites to see and things to do. So your outing there will no doubt be a highlight of the game. Already have someone who you’d like to go with? Well, we hope they feel the same way too.

Your companions will share a bond, not only with Cloud, but with each other as well. Your party level, a numerical expression of this bond, will increase as you overcome challenges. The higher this level, the more skills will become available in your character’s folios, a mechanic new to Rebirth. By unlocking the skills etched in these tomes, your characters will grow stronger and learn new synergy commands.

Part of what makes Rebirth‘s combat so fun is all the different character combinations. Switch up your team to fit the situation… or even your mood. Every possible party combination has its own unique synergy commands. So once you find characters that work for you, focus on tweaking their skills to match your combat needs. And don’t be afraid to experiment. You can reset your folios at any time.

With new characters and synergy commands at your disposal, Remake’s satisfying hybrid of action combat and strategic planning has been made even more dynamic and engaging.

We can’t wait for you to experience all this and more in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PlayStation 5.

Demo Announcement

I’m Tetsuya Nomura, the creative director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

What do you think of the latest gameplay reveal? Hopefully it got you excited for the massive adventure that awaits Cloud and company.

Before I go, I have a very special announcement. Today, we’re releasing a demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The demo includes the all-important Nibelheim flashback, where you can play as both Cloud and Sephiroth.

And between now and Rebirth‘s release, we’ll be adding a portion of the Junon Region to the demo. With it, you can experience the freedom of exploration—something we’ve really tried to stress.

For more information, check out out official website and social media accounts. But for now, enjoy all the demo has to offer and get ready for the main game’s launch.

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