I’ve had my eye on Synergy ever since we showed the city builder off back in 2022 during the PC Gaming Show. I’m a city builder simp anyway, but Synergy’s Moebius-style art really sealed the deal with its delicious pastel sci-fi charms. Until now, though, all I’ve been able to do is gawk at screenshots, but Leikir Studio has now made a demo available for Steam Next Fest. It hasn’t let me down. 

While Synergy doesn’t shy away from novelty, the foundations are very familiar, born as they are from the formula established by the classic Impressions games like Caesar and Pharaoh. Arriving in a new, extremely alien land, your settlers begin with only a fleeting stockpile and their rugged determination to carve out a home in an inhospitable land. From there, homes must be erected, resources gathered and jobs assigned, until you’ve ticked all the basic boxes. 

(Image credit: Leikir Studio)

Quickly, though, pleasing quirks start to appear. All of the water is toxic, for instance, giving you your first production chain as your settlers gather up the water, cleanse it, and then store it for consumption. Gathering more resources, specifically from the unusual flora, also demands some extra steps that emphasise the alien nature of the ecosystem. 

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By fcjyy