How much memory your graphics card has access to is crucially important to gaming performance, but is a bigger buffer always worth spending more money on? The AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT puts this theory to the test, delivering 16 gigabytes of VRAM alongside a very familiar GPU and starting at ~$329.

The underlying core of the RX 7600 XT is pretty much identical to the RX 7600, which launched in May of last year. They both use the same Navi 33 GPU, featuring up to 2,048 shaders split across 32 compute units (CUs). What’s too bad for the XT model is that the regular RX 7600 uses the full complement of cores available with this chip, the full 2,048, meaning there’s no room for improvement on the XT without an entirely different GPU design. Since that’s not happening, we’re left with an XT that resembles the non-XT in almost every regard.

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By fcjyy