Dominions is one of those “If you know, you know” game series. Across 22 years, it remains untroubled by the usual quest for ever-greater graphics fidelity or conceptual execution.  Dominions is instead the product of two people focused intensely on game mechanics and a sprawling game world. The premise is that the god-of-gods is dead and somebody, preferably your pretender of choice, is taking up the throne of creation. The latest release, Dominions 6, drew me deeply back into the fold with its promises of a somewhat-deeper user interface and much, much larger battlefields to throw down on.

I’m writing here because I want you to know how fun and funny Dominions is, and give you perspective on the pretty low bar of buy-in to have fun with it. I’ll walk through rolling up a faction and talk a bit about the surprises that come along the way.

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By fcjyy