Nicki Minaj ‘Disease’ Talk Confuses TikToker Who Reported On Rehab Claims
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Published on: Jan 24, 2024, 6:30 PM PST

Nicki Minaj responded to a rumor report that said she needed rehab before her forthcoming tour — but her response has a lot of people quite confused.

The claim about the Queens rapper needing rehab was initially a blind item made via gossip site CrazyDaysAndNights that read: “Speaking of horrible people, this foreign-born former A+ list rapper definitely needs rehab before she tries to do a tour. It will be awful.” It was later alleged to be Nicki Minaj in a “blind item reveal,” and TikTok account @CelebriTEAblinds then reported the story in a video.

Minaj caught wind of the clip and sent a DM to the account, writing: “Once ugly disease allegedly is being paid to get uglier” – which confused both the TikToker and her followers when she asked what it meant in a new video.

Minaj then commented on that video as well, writing: “Allegedly they are sucking someone’s dick & being paid to try and tear down a tour. SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT. Allegedly you have a disease?”

Comments on the new clip trying to decipher what she meant were divided. Some felt it was just her roundabout way of dissing the TikToker, others felt that maybe she’s spilling tea that someone in the industry is trying to tear her down, while some felt it was just her proving the exact claim the video was making.

Check out the TikTok posts and Nicki’s comments below:

@celebriteablinds Nicki Minaj / Needs Rehab Before Tour Source: @entylawyer, #nickiminaj#nickiminajconcert#nickiminajtour#nickiminajnewmusic#nickiminajnewalbum#nickiminajpinkfriday2#pinkfriday2#pinkfriday2tour#pinkfriday2tourdates#pinkfriday2tour2024#nickiminajtour2024#nickiminajtourdates#nickiminajvideos#nickiminajsounds#nickiminajfans 👀 #blinditem#blinditems#blinditemreveal#blinditemsrevealed#celebrityblinditems#celebrityblinds#celebritygossip#celebritytea#celebritysecrets#celebritynews#gossipgirl#gossipgirlhere#foryou#tiktokviral#unitedstates#usa#viral#trend#trending#fyp♬ original sound – CelebriTEA Blinds 👀 ☕️
@celebriteablinds More @Nicki Minaj riddles for you to decode 🤣 #nickiminaj#nickiminajedit#nickiminajsounds#nickiminajvideos#nickiminajedits#nickiminajisthequennofrap#nickiminajpinkfriday2#pinkfriday2#nickiminajnews#nickiminajupdates 👀 #blinditem#blinditems#blinditemreveal#blinditemsrevealed#celebrityblinditems#celebrityblinds#celebritygossip#celebritytea#celebritysecrets#celebritynews#gossipgirl#gossipgirlhere#foryou#tiktokviral#unitedstates#usa#viral#trend#trending#fyp♬ original sound – CelebriTEA Blinds 👀 ☕️

Either way, Nicki Minaj will be taking Pink Friday 2 on the road this spring for a tour in North America and Europe.

In total, the trek is made up of nearly 40 dates, which Live Nation recently revealed is her highest-selling tour to date. Tickets are on sale now.

Nicki Minaj To Take ‘Pink Friday 2’ To Portugal This Summer As Afro Nation Headliner

Nicki Minaj To Take ‘Pink Friday 2’ To Portugal This Summer As Afro Nation Headliner

Pink Friday 2 was released to critical acclaim last month, on the same day as the New York native’s 41st birthday. It quickly made a splash and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with 228,000 first-week units.

With that, Nicki became the first female rapper in history to score three No. 1 albums, breaking free from her long-standing tie with Foxy Brown.

Pink Friday 2 also set a new record on the Billboard Hot 100 last month when 17 of its 22 songs landed on the chart, which is the most from any album by a female rapper.

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