Sorceress is shaping up to be a precious kind of game: The Dark Messiah-like. Arkane’s sophomore outing is mostly remembered for its legendary kick ability, which could turn nearly any enemy into one of those supremely satisfying Source engine ragdolls with one or two good smacks, but it also had this beautifully anarchic approach to level design, with spike traps and bottomless pits everywhere. Individual rooms (like this one number with a swinging chandelier) from Dark Messiah were so distinctive I remember them all these years later.

Sorceress’ demo, I’m excited to say, delivers not only the kick but the accoutrements I crave⁠—it’s a really granular, system-driven game where you can pick up anything and combine powers together in interesting ways. The first good sign is that even the tutorial level is fun: it’s a largely combat-free, exploration-focused climb down one cloud piercing fantasy tower then back up another.

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By fcjyy