Brotherhood is a theme so overt in Final Fantasy XV that it’s the title of the game’s five-episode prequel anime. An outlier in a series that usually leverages expansive and diverse casts, FF15 instead focuses entirely on a road trip with four lads. Tehy spend most of their time cruising around in a convertible, sightseeing, discovering new recipes, and camping. Along the way, there’s a lot of groanworthy quips, awkward selfies, and good-natured cajoling.

The plot is an overly serious mess with some baffling twists and clunky writing, and the moment-to-moment experience is often silly: a bunch of bros hanging out doing stuff. One of them just so happens to be the True King destined to sacrifice himself to rid the world of a great evil.

By the end, you’ve spent dozens of hours with the Prince Noctis and his private guards/BFFs Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto as they all hurdle towards this inevitable, heartbreaking tragedy. FF15 earns one of the best endings in gaming history because of how dedicated it is to expressing masculine comaraderie. More than eight years after the game’s initial release, there’s one particular scene that has stuck with me.

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By fcjyy

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