Megan Thee Stallion recently replaced Lindsay Lohan as the face of Planet Fitness in the chain’s new campaign, which saw her criticized by Lohan’s father on social media.

Michael Lohan took to Twitter on Tuesday (January 16) to body-shame Megan with side-by-side photos of her campaign and his daughter Lindsay’s 2022 Super Bowl commercial.

“I’m sorry, but you’re going to compare this…to this…in the “fitness” industry. Lol.. really,” he wrote.

Fans flooded Lohan’s replies and blasted the 63-year-old.

“If i was you, i’d put my energy into worrying about mugshots coming up when my name is googled, and my daughter’s career being in the gutter for over a decade. being bitter towards megan doesn’t change the fact that she is who nike and planet fitness want for a brand ambassador,” one wrote.

Another said: “Worry about yourself. The first things that pop up on Google when searching your name are your mugshots, offences & arrests.”

Michael Lohan was also upset at the “fire crotch” reference made in the reboot of his daughter’s blockbuster hit, Mean Girls.

The term was originally used to diss his daughter by oil kingpin Brandon Davis in 2006 while partying with Paris Hilton.

“Boycott Mean Girls 2! For the totally classless comment. Not suited for children. What a horrible adaptation of a wonderful film,” he wrote of the musical film before going to compare first week box offices showing how much more lucrative the 2004 original was.

“The ORIGINAL Mean Girls opening weekend box office vs the NEW one. Need I say more,” he added.

In addition to contributing to the soundtrack, Megan also starred in the Mean Girls reboot and was the one to deliver the “fire crotch” line when she said: “Y2K fire crotch is back!”

The line reportedly left Lohan caught off-guard as well as “hurt and disappointed.”

The actress reunited with screenwriter Tina Fey and even walked the red carpet at the reboot’s premiere where she was photographed with Megan Thee Stallion. She reportedly didn’t know about the “fire crotch” reference until watching the film at the premiere.

The Houston hottie’s partnership with the national franchise was announced in a press release on Wednesday (December 28), along with a new ad featuring Meg as “Mother Fitness.” According to the announcement, the partnership also includes a line of branded fitness gear featuring sweatshirts, bucket hats, water bottles, and sticker sheets.

Megan Thee Stallion Enlisted As One Of The Presenters For 2024 Anime Awards

Megan Thee Stallion Enlisted As One Of The Presenters For 2024 Anime Awards

“Working out is such an important part of my routine, so this partnership with Planet Fitness genuinely embodies my personal values,” she said in a statement in the press release. We want to encourage everyone to prioritize their physical and mental health heading into the New Year, so they can reach new heights in 2024 and continue to grow into the best version of themselves.”

Days later, Meg performed a string of fan-favorite hits, including her recent “Cobra,” during her slot at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Wearing all purple to represent her the PF partnership, she used the appearance to tease an even bigger collaboration.

It didn’t take viewers long to notice that she had a Nike Swoosh below her collarbone. The morning after, she took to Instagram to share a number of shots of her outfit as well as a clip from the concert.

“@nike Stay tuned for the drop, Hotties!” she wrote in the caption. “#NikeByYou. Year of the Stallion.”

KicksFinder reported in December that the “Sportswear Apparel Collection” is scheduled to drop on February 15, and it will comprise “Bodysuit LS, NSW Jacket, Onesies 5 In, Bra/Bra Plus, Pro Short 5 In/In Plus, Slim Crop/Crop Tee Plus.”

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