Genshin Impact’s Special Program for Version 4.4 is here, detailing all the new areas, events, characters, and banners coming in the next update. Here’s a summary of all the new content coming to Genshin Impact Version 4.4: Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze!

Version 4.4 is expected to drop on January 31st (or the evening of January 30 for most Americans).

4.4 livestream Primogem codes


Each code grants 100 Primogems and various other materials. Redeem them either in-game or on the official site. They expire about a day from when the Special Program aired, so be quick!

4.4 new characters: Xianyun and Gaming

Xianyun (aka Cloud Retainer) is a 5-star Anemo Catalyst user who buffs plunge damage. Her Burst increases the jump height of your entire party, allowing anyone to become a plunge DPS. She grants buffs to her party’s Plunging Attacks and deals a bit of damage of her own. On top of unlocking a new playstyle for every character, Xianyun’s Burst also offers healing, making her a great potential partner for Furina. Xianyun’s Skill is a unique triple jump that ends with a dive bomb Plunging Attack.

Gaming is a 4-star Pyro Claymore user and a Wushou dancer. He appears to specialize in Plunging Attacks with his Burst and Skill, allowing him to take full advantage of Xianyun’s plunge-oriented kit. His Skill has him rush toward an enemy, then leap into the air, from which he can execute a special Plunging Attack that consumes some of his own HP. Gaming’s Burst summons a little suanni pet that runs some distance from him after using his Skill combo. When the pet runs back to Gaming’s location, his Skill cooldown is reset, allowing him to spam Skills and Plunging Attacks as quickly as he can retrieve his pet.

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4.4 banners

The first half of 4.4 will feature the 5-stars Xianyun and Nahida, as well as the 4-star Gaming. The weapon banner will consist of Xianyun’s signature weapon, Crane’s Echoing Call, and probably Nahida’s signature, A Thousand Floating Dreams.

The second half Version 4.4 will feature Xiao and Yae Miko. They will likely be accompanied by their signature weapons: Primordial Jade Winged-Spear and Kagura’s Verity.

Screenshot by Destructoid

New area: Chenyu Vale

A new explorable area is being added to Liyue: Chenyu Vale. Chenyu Vale has been teased as a mystical area known for its high-quality tea production. Baizhu’s lore in particular is tied to Chenyu Vale, as this is Changsheng’s homeland.

Chenyu Vale is a verdant, mountainous landscape with rivers flowing between them. Qiaoying Village and Yilong Wharf are the primary human settlements. The people of Chenyu Vale seem to have a unique culture somewhat distinct from the rest of Liyue. While most of Liyue sees Rex Lapis as the land’s sole ruler in its antiquity, Chenyu Vale’s residents recall a time when other gods and adepti protected their ancestors.

There will also be a new world boss in Chenyu Vale: the Solitary Suanni. It appears to have Anemo and Hydro elemental attacks in its arsenal. Given the new characters coming this patch, I would expect either Xianyun or Gaming to use materials from this boss.

Screenshot by Destructoid

4.4 events

It’s that time of year again, and this year’s Lantern Rite event is called Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze. There will be three minigames as part of this event. Participation will reward you with a free Xingqiu skin and your choice of any 4-star Liyue character. The 4-star character selector includes Gaming, so if you can’t pull on the new banners, you can still obtain Gaming for free!

There will also be a login event where you can claim a total of ten Intertwined Fates. We’ll be receiving an additional three Intertwined Fates via in-game mail.

A cooking event called Receiver of Friends from Afar has Travelers playing minigames to cook meals, then decorating the dishes to serve to our friends.

Journey through Hiligmatic Terrain is a two-part event. One part is a stealth mission where you use a special device to follow hilichurls and infiltrate their camps. The other part is a combat domain where you face off against a giant samachurl boss.

Triumphant Frenzy is a combat event using trial characters only. It looks like we’ll be able to choose two to four trial characters from a randomly selected pool to complete combat challenges.

Finally, Overflowing Mastery makes a return with double drops for Talent books.

Screenshot via HoYoverse

New skins for Xingqiu, Ganyu, and Shenhe

Xingqiu, Ganyu, and Shenhe are receiving new skins! Xingqiu looks quite dapper in a more Western-style outfit, while Ganyu and Shenhe are dressed in sleek black outfits.

Xingqiu’s skin can be obtained for free during Version 4.4 by participating in the Lantern Rite event. After the end of Version 4.4, we can expect it to be included in the store for Genesis Crystals for those who missed it.

Ganyu and Shenhe’s skins will be sold in the in-game store for Genesis Crystals. For the duration of Version 4.4, these skins will be discounted.

Screenshot by Destructoid

Other additions in Version 4.4

Genius Invokation TCG is receiving another update, adding cards for Sayu, Thoma, Cryo Hypostasis, and Millennial Pearl Seahorse. 

A fast equip function is being added for artifacts, which we previously covered in detail.

A new collaboration was announced with OnePlus, with a Keqing-themed phone coming in late February. More details will be provided via OnePlus’ official channels.

The second Fontaine OST, “Pelagic Primaevality,” will be released sometime during Version 4.4.

Screenshot by Destructoid

As always, there’s lots to look forward to in Genshin Impact. Best of luck to everyone, and happy Lantern Rite!

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