Final Fantasy VII Rebirth seems poised to dive Buster Sword-first right into stories about the multiverse. And rather than chasing tired trends like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Square Enix’s three-game retelling of FF7 may come closer to one of the most influential comic storylines of the last century: Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This DC Comics storyline from the mid-’80s takes place after a multiversal catastrophe led to infinite realities fusing together into a single universe. Countless superheroes died, and when the dust settled, there was only one Earth left. There have been plenty of hints since Final Fantasy VII Remake that this retelling of FF7 seems to exists in a parallel or rebooted universe. Will those universes merge by the end of the third game?

There’s a suspicious line from September’s FF7 Rebirth release date reveal trailer that still sticks in my craw: “It’s upon us: the Reunion — when worlds merge,” Sephiroth says. This suggests he wants to do more than reunite Jenova—he wants to unite and dominate multiple worlds. So let’s dive a little deeper into how that could play out.

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By fcjyy