– The leading Scandinavian market is gearing up for its 25th edition, and will welcome new projects by Frida Kempff, Magnus von Horn, Charlotte Sieling and Klaus Härö, among others

Göteborg’s Nordic Film Market unveils its selection

Director Magnus von Horn, who is taking part with The Girl with the Needle (© Nicolas Villegas)

The 25th edition of the Nordic Film Market (31 January-2 February) is set to showcase 58 new films, including 16 completed features, 15 projects in post-production and 17 in development through the Discovery co-financing platform. This year, a special section explores innovation in Nordic projects through case studies. Highlights include a spotlight on “Talent to Watch” projects funded by the Swedish Film Institute and world premieres of documentaries in the festival competition. With over 500 industry delegates from 33 countries set to attend, the Nordic Film Market at the 47th Göteborg Film Festival (26 January-4 February) serves as one of the premier business and meeting platforms for the global film industry.

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Commencing with the Works in Progress selection, Sweden is showcasing four projects. Redoubt by John Skoog (Ridge [+see also:
film review
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), shot in black and white on 35 mm film, explores the life of rural recluse Karl-Göran Persson, who spent four decades fortifying his house against the perceived red threat of the USSR. Frida Kempff (Knocking [+see also:
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) directs The Swedish Torpedo, a period drama inspired by Sally Bauer, the first Scandinavian to swim across the English Channel in 1939 (see the news). Additionally, Maria Ericsson Hecht and Fanny Ovesen present their debut works, Kevlar Soul and Laura, respectively.

Denmark will be rocking up with four projects at the event. Magnus von Horn (Sweat [+see also:
film review
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) returns with the period drama-thriller The Girl with the Needle, featuring Trine Dyrholm and Vic Carmen Sonne. Frederik Louis Hviid (Shorta [+see also:
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interview: Anders Ølholm and Frederik …
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) explores the grandest heist on Danish soil in The Quiet Ones, which transpired in 2008 and involved around €10 million. Charlotte Sieling (Margrete – Queen of the North [+see also:
interview: Charlotte Sieling
film profile
) is both writing and directing Way Home, a suspenseful drama following a father in search of his son. Lastly, the line-up includes the drama Madame Ida by debuting writer-director Jacob Møller.

Norway brings along three noteworthy projects, including Havnaa, the latest film by Bård Breien (The Art of Negative Thinking [+see also:
film profile
), a compelling crime-drama that unfolds in the gritty world of professional boxing. The remaining two projects showcase the debut works of filmmakers. Armand by Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel revolves around a six-year-old boy accused of boundary-crossing at an elementary school (see the news), while Norwegian-Kurdish director Brwa Vahabpour presents Europe, a dramedy that follows a carefree young man in Norway, whose life takes a turn when his uncle from Kurdistan unexpectedly pays him a visit (see the news).

Finland contributes three projects, all from accomplished filmmakers. The highly regarded cinematographer and director Pirjo Honkasalo, a decade after the award-winning Concrete Night [+see also:
film profile
, returns with Orenda, a compelling tale of guilt and mercy. Klaus Härö‘s (The Fencer [+see also:
interview: Ivo Felt
film profile
) World War II drama Never Alone unfolds on the eve of the war, as Finland shelters refugees from Germany and Austria, focusing on an unsung hero (see the news). Teemu Nikki (The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic [+see also:
film review
interview: Teemu Nikki and Jani Pösö
interview: Teemu Nikki, Jani Pösö an…
film profile
) presents his latest work, 100 Liters of Gold. The selection is rounded off by a project from Iceland, When the Light Breaks, Rúnar Rúnarsson‘s (Sparrows [+see also:
film review
interview: Atli Óskar Fjalarsson
interview: Rúnar Rúnarsson
film profile
) fourth film, which aims to encapsulate the intricate emotions of an unexpected loss (see the news).

The Nordic Film Market is introducing a special section, “Case Studies”, featuring two talks presented in a single session on 1 February. The first case study explores About a Hero: AI Meets Herzog, a film created by Kaspar, an AI based on Werner Herzog‘s works. Producer Mads Dambo and director Piotr Winiewicz delve into the integration of AI with traditional filmmaking, offering insights into the creative process, international launch strategies and sneak peeks at select scenes. The second case study, “Pioneering Nordic Sustainability”, discusses Denmark’s first green-certified feature, Paranoia, and Sweden’s Kevlar Soul, showcasing the Sustainable Film toolbox. The panel, featuring sustainability coordinator Anne Ahn Lund, and producers Julie Rix Bomholt and Ronny Fritsche, reflects on the implementation of sustainable practices.

Here is the selection of projects taking part in the 2024 Nordic Film Market:

Works in Progress

100 Liters of GoldTeemu Nikki (Finland)
Producer: Jani Pösö (It’s Alive)

ArmandHalfdan Ullmann Tøndel (Norway)
Producer: Andrea Berentsen Ottmar (Eye Eye Pictures)

EuropaBrwa Vahabpour (Norway)
Producer: Renée Hansen Mlodyszewski (True Content Production)

The Girl with the NeedleMagnus von Horn (Denmark)
Producer: Malene Blenkov (Creative Alliance)

HavnaaBård Breien (Norway)
Producer: Synnøve Hørsdal (Maipo)

Kevlar SoulMaria Ericsson Hecht (Sweden)
Producers: Ronny Fritsche (Avokado Films), Lizette Jonjic (Zentropa Sweden)

LauraFanny Ovesen (Sweden)
Producer: Marie Kjellson (Kjellson & Wik)

Madame IdaJacob Møller (Denmark)
Producer: Charlotte Hjordt (Zentropa)
Sales: TrustNordisk

Never AloneKlaus Härö (Finland)
Producer: Ilkka Matila (Matila Röhr)

OrendaPirjo Honkasalo (Finland)
Producers: Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari (Bufo)

The Quiet OnesFrederik Louis Hviid (Denmark)
Producer: Kasper Dissing (Zentropa)
Sales: TrustNordisk

RedoubtJohn Skoog (Sweden)
Producers: Erik Hemmendorff, Caroline Drab (Plattform Produktion)

The Swedish TorpedoFrida Kempff (Sweden)
Producers: Erik Andersson, David Herdies (Momento Film)

Way HomeCharlotte Sieling (Denmark)
Producer: Signe Leick (Toolbox)

When the Light BreaksRúnar Rúnarsson (Iceland)
Producer: Heather Millard (Compass Films)
Sales: The Party Film Sales


Another Journey Without WomenIllum Jacobi (Denmark)
Producers: Katja Adomeit, Jeppe Wowk (Adomeit Film)

ArvetBahar Pars (Sweden)
Producers: René Ezra, Anne-Louise Lucas (Stikling Film)

BackstageAleksi Salmenperä (Finland)
Producer: Miia Haavisto (Tekele)

Breeze Is Doing OKTinna Hrafnsdóttir (Iceland)
Producer: Tinna Hrafnsdóttir (Freyja Filmworks)

cum_kingsPeter Modestij (Sweden)
Producer: Isabella Rodriguez (Coco Film)

Demands of a Teenage HeartLisa Meyer (Sweden)
Producers: Kajsa Dines, Mario Adamson, Ashley J Smith (Sisyfos Film)

DjinnMilad Alami (Sweden)
Producers: Annika Rogell, Rebecka Hamberger (Art & Bob AB)

Growth of the SoilHans Petter Moland (Norway)
Producers: Håkon Øverås, Håvard Gjerstad (4 1/2)

Maia Against the WorldHannah Elbke (Denmark)
Producer: Maria Møller Christoffersen (Frau Film)

The MiserablesDaniel Borgman (Denmark)
Producer: Katja Adomeit (Adomeit Film)

Modern Diaspora FamilyÁnitá Beikpour (Denmark)
Producer: Matilda Appelin (Nordisk Film)

Notch – The Story of MinecraftAdam Berg (Sweden)
Producers: Lars Beckung, Teresa Allden (Nexiko Drama)

PDMagnus Mork (Norway)
Producers: Guro Bruusgaard, Magnus Mork, Mariken Halle, Katja Eyde Jacobsen (Alternativet Produksjon)

Push the ButtonAnton Källrot (Sweden)
Producer: Ylva Olaison (ÖGAT Film)

Solo MomJanicke Askevold (Norway)
Producers: Rebekka Rognøy, Magnus Nygaard Albertsen, Magne Lyngner, Gary Cranner (Bacon Pictures)

SteelSive Hamilton Helle (Norway)
Producer: Louise Beyer (Skala/Storm Films)

WeightlessEmilie Thalund (Denmark)
Producers: Clara Jantzen Kreinøe, Anna Dammegaard Søllested (Snowglobe)

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