Space travel in Starfield is pretty easy. Remarkably easy, actually. You just bring up the map, click a dot and go. Sure, some things might be out of immediate jump range, but if all the yawning void of the cosmos has to threaten me with is “mild inconvenience,” then I’m gonna complain that documentaries like Event Horizon really overhyped the horrors that lie in the great beyond.

Things weren’t always that way. For one thing, Todd Howard himself has spoken about versions of the game where it was possible to run out of fuel and find yourself stranded among the stars, a feature which ended up getting yanked out because it was a “fun killer”. But now a player on Reddit (spotted by GamesRadar) has found evidence lurking in Starfield’s files of a much crunchier, and riskier, kind of space travel. 

Early concept/iteration of the starmap found tucked away in data files from r/NoSodiumStarfield

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By fcjyy