Drake and Metro Boomin‘s beef has continued to heat up, with the Scorpion rapper suspected of firing the latest round from the clip.

In an Instagram story posted on Friday (January 12), Champagne Papi posted a screenshot of 21 Savage‘s latest album, American Dream. At first glance, the 6 God seemed to be shouting out the UK native, with the caption, “Talk to them, brother.”

The only problem was, at the very bottom of the post, there were shouting emojis that covered up Metro Boomin’s name. Fans wondered if that was an intentional bit of disrespect.

“Violated metro on his own beat too,” commented one fan on No Jumper post pointing out the situation.

“He could’ve just played a different song and screenshotted it but he chose to make a scene,” wrote another.

Check Drake’s post out below.

While Drake seems all too keen to carry on the beef, Metro Boomin believes it’s all much ado about nothing.

The super-producer took to X/Twitter on December 30 to respond to a fan who had a question about the tension between himself and the 6 God. Metro Boomin, however, dismissed the drama on sight.

“Not deep at all lmao,” he replied to the fan who asked, “are u and Drake seriously beefing or is it not that deep?”

The drama between the two began back in December, when Metro weighed in on a debate about the streaming figures of his Heroes & Villains album versus those of Drake and 21 Savage‘s Her Loss.

After an account reported that Heroes & Villains has amassed more streams in a single year (3.7 billion) than any other rap album since 2018 and is currently generating more than twice the amount of daily streams as Her Loss, Metro wrote: “Yet Her Loss keeps winning rap album of the year over H&V.

“Proof that award shows are just politics and not for me. Idc about awards honestly, the true award and REWARD is knowing that the music I spend so much time on brings joy to people’s everyday lives.”

Drake appeared to fire back at Metro on his Instagram Stories by quoting the JAY-Z song “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)”: “Damn, little mans, I’m just tryin’ to do me/ If the record’s two mil, I’m just tryin’ to move three.”

Shortly thereafter, Drizzy unfollowed Metro on Instagram.

It’s unclear what sparked the apparent rift between the “Knife Talk” collaborators, but Metro revealed earlier this year that he took Drake off his Heroes & Villains album.

“Really, it was a song I had did with Travis and Thug, originally for my album,” Metro told DJ Drama of the Travis Scott and Young Thug-assisted “Trance.” “I was in the studio with Drake one time because we were gonna do some stuff for my album. He just wanted to hear some songs from my album, and then he heard that one.

Drake Is Spotify’s Highest-Streamed Rapper Of 2023 — But Metro Boomin Takes Album Crown

Drake Is Spotify’s Highest-Streamed Rapper Of 2023 — But Metro Boomin Takes Album Crown

“He really wanted to get on it but I was letting him know that it was really just done for real. I was really just set on how it was. I was like, ‘Bro, I ain’t trying to sell you no dream. I’m locked in where it was.’ He had hit me and was just like, ‘Let me see if there’s anything you could add to it.’ He was like, ‘If you don’t like it, then whatever.’”

He continued: “He did some stuff, a couple parts was cool but like I just felt like just even with like Slime verse and Trav verse and the outro, it wasn’t just no room. It wasn’t nothing personal… I just ended up using the original and I guess the other one just leaked or something.”

A version of “Trance” featuring Drake’s verse leaked online months after the album’s release.

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