Looking for some Wordle wisdom? Instantly turn your game around with our help. Give your guesses a boost with our tips, find your own way to a January 10 (935) win with a clue, or go straight for the win with today’s answer. However you want to play, we’ve got it covered.

I had a nice, quick, Wordle today, which was a bit of a relief after yesterday’s last-minute win. I can’t say I did anything particularly daring or clever with the letters I uncovered, but just for once I didn’t spectacularly miss the most obvious word for a guess or three either. I’ll happily take an unexciting victory over a more “eventful” loss any day.

Today’s Wordle hint

(Image credit: Josh Wardle)

Wordle today: A hint for Wednesday, January 10

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By fcjyy

[ C ( F ( P M C F F F [ ( F G ( H F 5 N T F F G F ( F P F ( ( ( F [ X H X F F F F I ( F F R F G G ( [ F C M ( A P [ ( X F F F H F F G F M ( G F ( C ( F ( F M ( F 5 ( ( L F F