There are a whole lot of new games in 2024: For me personally, the shortlist is largely these 10 cozy games to watch for. Though I’m genuinely excited about all those launches, I know what kind of creature I am. I’m a ‘nightly game sessions with the group chat’ girl, and multiplayer crafting games are the easy wins for my friends. So one of my most anticipated launches of next year is definitely the multiplayer mech farming game Lightyear Frontier.

Lightyear Frontier calls itself “a peaceful open-world farming adventure on a planet at the far edge of the galaxy” in which you can farm, build a homestead, and explore. And really that’s almost all I needed to know. Except you can also customize your mechs with different paint colors, specialized utility limbs, and upgrades like a tractor tread mode for efficient tilling. Oh, and you harvest trees by slashing through them with your giant buzzsaw arms, which is automatically better than every game that asks me to chop trees with a stone tied to a stick.

(Image credit: Frame Break)

If you think that a mech seems like an unwieldy contraption for the delicate work of raising crops I ask you: have you seen a modern combine? The things are real life Decepticons. With the confidence of someone who’s sat in the cab of a combine exactly one time, I’m going to say that a bipedal mech with a pilot is even better suited to caring for corn. Someone phone up Mr. Deere to suggest that, thanks.

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By fcjyy

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