Chrisean Rock can be seen gatecrashing Tamar Braxton’s prayer circle in a new video which has leaked online.

The clip comes from the same night in November that Rock allegedly assaulted Braxton’s backing singer James Wright, sending him to the hospital.

In the video, Rock bursts into Braxton’s dressing room before the show while she and her team are in a prayer circle and disrupts it, even appearing to shove Toni Braxton to get closer to Tamar.

Toni can then be seen refusing to hold hands with Rock as the prayer circle attempts to continue despite the interruption.

Tamar Braxton later responded to the footage being made public, writing on X (formerly Twitter): “I wasn’t going to say anything because I think that at this point y’all are going to believe whatever you want. And ALL the events that happened was unfortunate.

“But what is truly DISGUSTING is that my dressing room and prayer is a sacred place and whomever released that can go straight to hell.”

She added: “I’m OVER it!! Coming for my sister who has lupus and don’t even really come outside was the line for me. This is so traumatic. Having to relive that night because some greedy person wanted to sell footage.

“Well now i have the ALL the footage y’all been waiting on. God don’t like ugly. It’s all on my YouTube. I’m Never EVER discussing this again Goodnight.”

Braxton later addressed the incident on YouTube, where she showed a clip of Wright after the alleged assault from Rock which chipped one of his teeth.

A man named Keinon Pierre also came forward and admitted the footage was recorded by him, but denied selling it to the press.

He wrote on Instagram: “The footage that was leaked from Tamar’s dressing room to @tmz_tv was captured by me. The only people who have possession of it other than myself are Troy the bitter one and Rodney Atwaters Jr the little one.

Chrisean Rock Disses Blueface On Sexyy Red 'F My Baby Dad' Remix

Chrisean Rock Disses Blueface On Sexyy Red ‘F My Baby Dad’ Remix

“These two bozo’s are in cahoots because they are friends. Don’t use my footage to stir the pot of drama especially if you distort the quality. @tamarbraxton I am deeply sorry that this footage got out and I would never do anything to tarnish you or your family’s name brand.”

In the comments under the post, Troy denied leaking the footage, writing: “Girl. Who is bitter? I understand this is all very exciting for you, but I did not leak any footage. I have been around a long time, and leaking this would do nothing for me. This video getting out has done nothing put make people like you falsely accuse me of something.

“And bitter? Bitter about what? I gave you work when you were living in your car. I told you I’d help you get more work. I talked to you about professional goals you have and how I could help you. When you reached out about all of this i spoke with you about it, and was actually going to pay you more money for your work.

“So I’m confused of why your shading me from you car??? As if I did something to you. I told YOU to take down the footage you shot weeks ago. And you didn’t. Yall the only ones leaking footage. I’ve asked a million times for this footage to be dead.”

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