Is that time of the month again, when Valve releases the results from its Steam hardware and software survey, and to no surprise whatsoever, Nvidia still rules the graphics card chart. The November figures show that Nvidia accounts for 72.5% of all the entries, with its Ampere-based GPUs (i.e. GeForce RTX 30-series) accounting for 27.3% of all the different architectures.

Every month, Valve collates the results it gleans from carrying out its random requests of Steam accounts to supply it with PC system and software configurations, such as operating system type, CPU, GPU, RAM amount, and so on. It’s not done without the account holder’s consent, of course, as you have to actively choose to participate. Valve never indicates the number of accounts it’s sampled, so there’s always an understandable level of skepticism concerning the results.

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By fcjyy