The mad Christmas shopping dash usually yields merch bargains and gaming console bundles, sending hungry buyers into a frenzy, but the holiday event also includes discounts on niche franchises, including the popular tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

Whether you’re a veteran with multiple characters logged on D&D Beyond, a frequent player looking to transition to Dungeon Master, or a complete novice to the hobby, there’s a plethora of products for everyone, including rulebooks, adventure books, dice, and more. Here are the best D&D holiday gift ideas and deals active right now.

Best D&D Christmas Gift Ideas

  • Product still of the Dungeons & Dragons Cover Graphic T-Shirt on a white background

    Dungeons & Dragons Cover Graphic T-Shirt

    Keep it vintage this Christmas

    $10 $13 Save $3

    This officially licensed, custom-designed t-shirt is imprinted with the Dungeons & Dragons classic expert rulebook cover on a navy base color. Sporting short sleeves, the garment is made from high-quality cotton materials for a softer feel after every wash and the print has been professionally pressed to maintain quality. Walmart currently has a $2.49 discount on a similar t-shirt in black, which maintains the vintage feel of Target’s product.

  • Product still of the ENHANCE Tabletop D&D Backpack on a white background

    ENHANCE Tabletop D&D Backpack

    Take your campaign on the road

    Invest in ENHANCE’s campaign backpack for game masters and resourceful players for a complete equipment chest designed to hold up to 6-8 RPG books, an 18-inch laptop, 1-2 binders, a DM screen, 25 miniature figures, and more. The book cellar is structured like a bookshelf to provide easy access and organization, plus an equipment chasm, and additional loot pouches.

  • Cover tile for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

    Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

    “Who needs heroes when you have thieves?”

    Join all the usual suspects from a classic D&D party – the bard, barbarian, rogue, druid, sorcerer, paladin, and wizard – as they band together for a harrowing heist to steal a lost relic. Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant, Sophia Lillis, Justice Smith, Rege-Jean Page, and Daisy Head star in this fantastical adventure based on the popular tabletop RPG of the same name.

  • baldurs-gate-3-cover-art

    Baldur’s Gate 3

    The ultimate D&D immersion

    23 years on from the release of the seminal RPG, Baldur’s Gate 2, the third game in the series has been developed by Larian Studios (of Divinity: Original Sin fame). Set over 120 years after the events of the last game, Baldur’s Gate 3 tasks you and your party of heroes to fight off a mind flayer invasion of Faerun, while seeking a way to remove the tadpole in your brain that’s slowly turning you into the enemy…

Target has the navy D&D t-shirt in stock, which supplies a healthy dose of nostalgia through the print, but Amazon and Walmart are offering slightly different variations, including the latter’s simple, tile print for half the price. Now that the apparel’s sorted, DMs and well-stocked players should be enchanted by the backpack from ENHANCE, which boasts a barrack for your miniatures housing 20+ figures, an equipment chasm to store notepads, boards, and more, and neat, zippered pouches for all your accessories.

If you’re looking for even more immersion into the D&D world after completing a session within your campaign, then look no further than the 2023 movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which serves up an exciting, but hilariously funny, adventure for the whole family topped with an A-list cast. Additionally, the festive period is just another excuse to indulge in Larian Studios’ Game of the Year contender, Baldur’s Gate 3, for a deep dive into true RPG gameplay while resisting enemy intrusion.

Best D&D Book Ideas

  • Product still of the Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set on a white background

    Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set

    Everything you need to start your campaign

    $92 $170 Save $78

    This D&D gift set comes with the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual hardcover book as well as a Dungeon Master screen, and these products are contained within a special foil slipcase. Save $78 on this gift set when you order from Amazon which is a great deal to get you started on your adventure.

  • Product still of the Dungeons & Dragons Keys From The Golden Vault Adventure Book on a white background

    Dungeons & Dragons Keys From The Golden Vault Adventure Book

    An anthology of heist-themed adventures

    $30 $50 Save $20

    The Keys From the Golden Vault D&D Adventure Book includes 13 stand-alone heist adventures supporting levels 1-11 and introduces a mysterious organization known as the Golden Heist. Save $20 on this hardcover book when you order from Amazon, which is a bargain for the content.

  • Product still of the Dungeons & Dragons Curse of Strahd Adventure Book on a white background

    Dungeons & Dragons Curse of Strahd Adventure Book

    Prepare to have dinner at a vampire’s castle

    $27 $50 Save $23

    Ravenloft is the setting of the Dungeons & Dragons Curse of Strahd Adventure Book, and this fantasy-horror adventure will see you dining alongside a number of guests with the master of Castle Ravenloft, fit for characters between levels 1-10. Choose between 38% off at Amazon or save a few more bucks with other local retailers.

  • Product still of the Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep Dragon Heist Adventure Book on a white background

    Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep Dragon Heist Adventure Book

    A treasure-filled adventure for half the price

    $24 $50 Save $26

    The famous explorer and raconteur, Volothamp Geddarm, requires your help within the City of Splendors, and this hardcover adventure book contains five story arcs for level 1-5 characters as you embark on an unmissable treasure hunt. Amazon and Walmart are matched with 51% off, which is the cheapest price tag you’ll encounter in this campaign.

These D&D hardcover rulebooks and adventure books are usually quite pricey, which can be daunting to invest in for new players. However, the content is always top-tier. The rulebooks will be companions for life, throughout your longevity with the tabletop game, which makes them a sound purchase even without the discounts. Luckily, ongoing sales are making accessibility even easier for newcomers and experienced players who want to take on a fresh campaign that’s perhaps a little outside their comfort zone.


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Best D&D Dice Ideas At Amazon

  • Product still of the QMay 6x7 D&D Double-Color Dice Sets on a white background

    QMay 6×7 D&D Double-Color Dice Sets

    A vibrant deal for Prime members

    $12 $14 Save $2

    These Polyhedral Double-Color Dice Sets include D20s, D12s, D10s, D8s, and more, totaling 70 pieces, and each colorful set, including pink, orange, and turquoise, comes with its own black flannel pouch to store. Amazon’s current deal gives you 14% off, this plentiful set, which gives you more than enough dice to play with some in reserve.

  • Product still of the KERWELLSI D&D Hollow Metal Dice Set on a white background

    KERWELLSI D&D Hollow Metal Dice Set

    Crafted for dragon lovers

    This 7-piece dice set by KERWELLSI includes hollow dice carved with a dragon in a metallic bronze color, with each die weighing approximately 68g. This set also comes with an on-brand tin lined with foam to easily store your dice while traveling.

  • Product still for the D&D 7 Pcs Blood Dice Set on a white background

    D&D 7 Pcs Blood Dice Set

    A bloody good deal

    $17 $18 Save $1

    The polyhedral 7 pcs dice set is designed for Magic: The Gathering and Pathfinder campaigns, stylized with sharp edges, a metallic shine, and covered with a blood-spatter effect. If your D&D character leans towards the darker side of the spectrum, you can pick up this set on Amazon and take advantage of the active 6% off deal.

  • Product still of the ARUOHHA D&D Music Dice Set on a white background

    ARUOHHA D&D Music Dice Set

    Perfect for a bard

    This colorful 7 pcs dice set from ARUOHHA comes in a blue and green colorway decorated with a bronze frame, and each die has musical notes embossed into the face, making this set perfect for a player bringing a bard to life. Amazon also offers over 15 alternative color schemes to fit your character’s personality better.

The QMay Double-Color Dice Sets are a great purchase to make if you’re looking to restock your dice with color schemes to match any character, or if you’re starting your first campaign. The blood-spatter and music dice sets are unique if your class is barbarian or bard, and the bronze dragon set is an ideal fantasy-themed dice that represents the unofficial mascot of the overall RPG game.

In keeping with Magic: The Gathering, Magic Madhouse is also offering stacks of trading card games, including MTG and the Pokemon Trading Card Game, with products including Booster Packs, Commander Decks, and Elite Trainer Boxes. The retailer also stocks a variety of D&D accessories, including dice sets, pouches, miniatures, paints, and adventure books.

If you’re looking for more Christmas gift ideas and deals on games, consoles, accessories, and more, then check out our other Holiday Gift Guides in 2023:


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Q: When Will Black Friday Deals Start?

Black Friday will commence on Friday, November 24, 2023, with Cyber Monday following on Monday, November 27, 2023. Several video game publishers began offering early Black Friday deals before this date, including Nintendo and Xbox, with many discounts appearing from November 19, 2023. These deals are expected to last until the end of the day on November 27, 2023, giving you plenty of time to grab the best deals this week.

Q: Does The Critical Role Shop Have Black Friday Sales?

The popular web series, Critical Role, features eight voice actors who continue their ongoing campaign every Thursday, with Matthew Mercer playing the DM, and the Critical Role shop is packed full of D&D goodies relating to the three campaigns featured on the web series, Vox Machina, The Mighty Nein, and Bell’s Hells, including dice sets, mugs, apparel, figures, artbooks and much more. For Black Friday and the holiday season, the Critical Role shop is offering steep discounts on several items, including the Beauty of Exandria – Nott the Brave Windbreaker and the Candela Obscura dice set.

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