• Trust in the world of D&D diminishes, but imagination and fun grow as you create your own monsters and villains.
  • The Just Dance Dancers could be a fun addition to a D&D campaign, requiring precise attacks and lacking stealth.
  • Imagine an entire party of Bards with Just Dance NPC companions, creating a formidable musical force in battles.

Whenever I play Dungeons and Dragons one thing always happens: I become incredibly paranoid that any creature of any form is probably designed to defeat my character. I have learned the hard way that the adorably fuzzy and cute NPC that your DM has created will probably be your downfall in the end. Same applies to the NPC that just downright looks and roleplays as pure, undiluted evil. There’s pretty much no middle ground. But strangely enough, that’s what makes D&D such a unique gaming experience. As your trust in the world of D&D starts to dwindle, that’s when your imagination and fun with the game will start to grow.

Learning about new dangerous villains and monsters from the official D&D books or Baldur’s Gate 3 is a blast and a great way to start understanding the mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons, but the real fun comes when you understand the rules enough to start creating monsters and villains of your own. Brewing wonderful inside jokes and creating characters that riff on your favorite pop culture characters will bring your party of friends to their knees with laughter. One such pop culture character that not even Dr. Frankenstein himself would dare bring to life, that we at Dualshockers are bravely offering to the D&D gods and lords comes from the popular gaming franchise of Just Dance and they are: The Dancers.

Dance with the Dice

Just Dance With D&D Chuul

In every Just Dance game, including Just Dance 2024 that was just released a couple of months ago, players have to mimic an avatar of a dancer on the screen. Matching this dance avatar and following their marvelous dance moves is how you gain points to be the best dancer of the level among the other players. Using not only their unique appearance in the game, but their distinct gameplay design, let’s belly-flop to the bottom of the D&D rabbit hole and picture how The Just Dance Dancers would fit into a playable campaign.

In their own game, the Just Dance Dancers demand that their players conduct precise movements of coordination and musical timing in order to be bequeathed any points. With this sort of challenge for precision, I think it would be safe to assume that these Dancer creatures would have a medium Armor Class. Let’s say between a 13 and 14.

However, just as there are higher levels of complex dances in Just Dance, the Armor Class could always go higher if we planned to have our new creature be a final boss battle. If you don’t pose on the beat in Just Dance, it can put you behind the dancing routine very quickly. So it would seem fitting that in order to make an attack against the Dancer avatars, your D&D character would have to make an intentional, graceful attack with a high dice roll.

The image of an entire party of Bards with their Just Dance NPC companions joining them as backup dancers comes to mind, and sounds pretty fantastic.

But what would be the Achilles’ heel of our Dancer foes? To go against these in-sync Dancers, players will have one saving grace: The Dancers would have no camouflage or stealth. Every Dancer from the Just Dance game is practically glowing, and to the creatures’ dismay, no matter what setting they are placed in, their costumes would never match or blend in with their environment. So your best shot against the fearsome Just Dance Dancers would be to sneak up on them.


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Just as they dazzle on their solitary stage in the Just Dance games, the most powerful of Dancers, if we were to imagine them as our campaign’s overall villain, would be awaiting the players to encounter them behind a locked castle room or a battle arena with set perimeters. For The Dancers’ grand attack against the party, players would have to survive against their magical, multicolored, single glove that could send any player into a status of dancing frenzy.

The Just Dance Party

Just Dance Dancer and Dragon

Creating characters in D&D isn’t limited to just monsters. If a DM wants, they can create NPCs for their players to encounter, or even NPC characters that end up joining the party. The image of an entire party of Bards with their Just Dance NPC companions joining them as backup dancers comes to mind, and sounds pretty fantastic. With the ridiculous ways you can win battles in D&D, as everyone who has ever played has a “that should not have worked but it did” story, this Bard/ Just Dance combo would be quite the musical force against all those that cross them.

Before we close the book on this fun scenario, one final piece is missing that is essential to crafting NPCs, and that would be deciding the class for the Just Dance Dancers. There could be many class types that The Dancers could fall into, but I’m going to make a case for the Wizard class. The Dancers have ultimate knowledge of the gaming world. They were created and originated from the ancient relic of the Wii and have survived and lived on to become part of the Nintendo Switch collection. Just like the Wizard class that D&D describes as long-time learners, the Dancers have only grown stronger with each new release of their game, mastering every music genre along the way, and are now ready to dance their way into the hearts of players and the fantasy battlefield.


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Being a DM is a challenging role, it calls for you to make the sacrifice of being the ringleader and putting your own character to the side. But what makes D&D so great is even the DM can join in on the roleplaying fun, and for their sacrifice are given the amazing reward of being able to create and become many characters of their own design. D&D is a well-oiled machine that has created the ultimate guide to creating controlled chaos. And what could be more controlled yet chaotic than bringing in the rhythmic neon-clad Just Dance crew into your next campaign?


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