10 Best Games Like Ghostrunner 2

10 Best Games Like Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner 2 is the sequel to what was probably the best cyberpunk themed game of 2020, and it delivers just as great of a punch as you would hope for it to. It takes the mechanics and story of the first game and builds just a little bit on top of it. The graphics are better, there’s a cool new progression system, and now you have another story to follow along while running on walls and slashing laser-shooting baddies.

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As great as it is, there’s no doubt that Ghostrunner 2 is a fairly short game. The action is intense, the movement is crisp, but the gameplay only lasts a handful of hours. If, like many other fans, you were also left wanting for more, these games might help placate your cybernetically enhanced heart.

Ghostrunner 2

October 23, 2023

One More Level

10 Warframe

Metacritic Score: 64

Live Service Game Warframe


March 25, 2013

Digital Extremes


  • Makes you feel like a Space Ninja
  • Main Characters look kind of similar

Though the Metacritic score might seem a bit disheartening, Warframe is one of the few games out there that will make you feel like a space ninja. The gameplay of the game differs significantly from that of Ghostrunner 2, but it also gives the player that same badass feeling. With a heavier emphasis on unique abilities and shooting, Warframe will make you into the best space ninja in the whole damned galaxy.

The game features some very fun movement and lets you take out swathes of enemies like it’s nobody’s business. The major downside of the game is that if you want to play it seriously, you’ll have to get ready to spend a significant portion of your time grinding away. It can be quite boring when you’re playing it for the loot, but it’s fun for the most part. Since it’s free, there’s no downside to giving it a try.

9 Doom Eternal

Metacritic Score: 88

Doom Eternal Doom Slayer

DOOM Eternal

$19.99 $59.99 Save $40

March 20, 2020

id Software


  • Fast Paced Action
  • Level-Based Progression

An absolute legend in the platforming FPS community, Doom Eternal set a standard that’s hard to top. It’s a game that feels amazing to play because of the multitutde of enemy types, weapons, and smooth movement. Unlike Ghostrunner 2, Doom Eternal isn’t extremely hard. Similar to Ghostrunner 2, Doom Eternal makes you feel like you’re the biggest baddest and hardest killer the west side of anywhere.

Doom Eternal combines the first person shooting with smooth movement, and then polishes the two until you get the ability to match alien armies by yourself. The gameplay feels chaotic and messy, but it stays under your own control. If nothing else, the game will let you unwind on a bunch of simulated aliens while doing 360 no-scopes. Go ahead and emote, they can’t feel anything from their place in hell anyway.

8 Apex Legends

Metacritic Score: 89

apex legends season 16 patch notes

Apex Legends

February 4, 2019

Respawn Entertainment


  • Movement Mechanics and Feel
  • Smooth Gameplay

A bit more of a muted experience than the chaos of Doom Eternal, Apex Legends is the kind of game you should play if you want something to come back to consistently. It’s a hero-shooter Battle Royale that uses the movement mechanics from Titanfall 2 and has some of the smoothest gun-play in any FPS game you’ll see. It’s only similar to Ghostrunner in the movement category, though it’s a great game nonetheless.

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The movement part of Apex isn’t that similar to Ghostrunner 2 either, but it’s close enough that you’ll know exactly what I mean when you try it out. It’s much more grounded than the other games on this list, but it distinguishes itself in other areas and makes up for its lack of special movements. Though some heroes in the game do have some wacky movement mechanics that are fun to play around with.

7 Cyberpunk 2077

Metacritic Score: 86

Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay and Phantom Liberty DLC


  • Cyberpunk Setting
  • Gameplay Aesthetics

Taking after its name, Cyberpunk 2077 is a classic RPG with a futuristic twist on the genre. If you loved the setting, story, and characters of Ghostrunner 2, Cyberpunk 2077 should be your next stop. It’s a dystopian futuristic world, it has cool cyborgs everywhere, and you’re a badass, though you’re not a cyborg ninja this time.

Compared to Ghostrunner 2, Cyberpunk is a significantly bigger game. It has more things to do, more places to explore, more mechanics, and much more content over all. The gameplay mechanics are entirely different as well, but the setting is quite similar.

6 Titanfall 2

Metacritic Score: 89

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

October 28, 2016

Respawn Entertainment


  • Wall Running and Fast Movement Mechanics
  • Futuristic Setting

One of the best FPS games of all time, Titanfall 2 stands atop a pedestal as a revolutionary in the gaming community. There were other games before it that did fast-paced movement with FPS, but nobody did it quite like Titanfall 2. The movement feels smooth and buttery, even letting you experience flight for brief periods of time once you master it. If you liked the movement aspect of Ghostrunner 2, and most people do love it, you’ll fall in love with Titanfall 2.

The story is top-notch, and the gameplay mechanics aren’t anything to scoff at either. Though the multiplayer falls a bit short compared to the single player, the single player alone makes Titanfall 2 something you have to experience at least once. You also get to ride giant mechs and wreak havoc on the world around you.

5 Ghostrunner

Metacritic Score: 81



October 27, 2020

One More Level


  • Most of the Gameplay
  • Studio and Publisher

If you somehow missed Ghostrunner before playing Ghostrunner 2, what are you even doing with your life? Everything you love about Ghostrunner 2 is going to be right there in Ghostrunner. The same movement, the same unforgiving combat, and an even better story. Ghostrunner 2 did add a few new mechanics, but it’s nothing you’ll miss too much.

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Compared to the first one, Ghostrunner 2 fell quite a few beats short in the story department. There wasn’t any interesting revelation, no real twist or betrayal. Nothing that would make it spicy, at least not like the original one was. The sequel wasn’t as good as the first one, but it was good enough to satiate many of the fans.

4 Katana Zero

Metacritic Score: 83

Katana Zero-3


  • Intense Gameplay
  • Cyberpunk Aesthetics

Katana Zero is a game that you’ll remember after playing. It’s something that sticks around with the player, something that doesn’t leave, no matter how many other games you play afterward. At first glance, many people dismiss it as a 2D Ghostrunner, but it’s so much more than that.

It has a unique visual style that combines both the ninja and cyberpunk aesthetics. It has an incredibly moving soundtrack that refuses to leave your mind. It has some of the most fun and unforgiving gameplay you’ll ever experience. Okay, yes, it sounds exactly like Ghostrunner, but it’s unique in its own way, okay? It is, just trust the big game review site.

3 Ultrakill

Metacritic Score: Early Access

Utrakill boss battle the V2 Rematch


  • Funky Movement and Action
  • Fun Level Design and Hard Gameplay

An as-of-yet “unreleased” game, Ultrakill might look like it’s from the nineties, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. The base level aesthetics are very retro, but the game doesn’t let any doubt enter your mind as to which era it’s really from. The game takes heavy inspiration from titles like Doom, but puts a unique spin on the overall gameplay. The movement in Ultrakill is incredibly versatile, relying on various mechanics working in tandem with the player’s skill as the balancing variable.

The gameplay consists of solving the level design puzzles, killing lots and lots of enemies, and zooming around the map like gravity has no hold over you. It’s a terrific game that subverts user expectations often enough that you’ll start to suspect your monitor will break open and the characters will fly out at you.

2 Sekiro

Metacritic Score: 90

Treat Death Like A Friend, Sekiro Tips and Tricks


  • Very Difficult
  • Fun Fighting Mechanic

Renowned for their difficulty, From Software games are an endeavor in patience, hard work, and concentrated effort on the part of the player. Combine that with a unique battling system that makes you feel like a ninja, and you get the masterpiece known as Sekiro. If you liked Ghostrunner because you felt that metaphoric Japanese blood roar within you at the ninja part of the cyborg ninja, Sekiro is something you’ll enjoy.

This game has the smoothest combat out of the From Software games, and it feels the best by far. The fights are grounded and fast-paced. They feel intense and controlled, relying almost entirely on the player’s actual skill and combat experience (in-game) rather than an arbitrary level. Also, you get to be a shinboi that strikes down everyone who dares to stand in front of you.

1 Neon White

Metacritic Score: 89

Image shows four figures wearing white masks on a blue backdrop.


  • Intense Platforming
  • Speedrunner Oriented

Ghostrunner 2 is, at it’s core, a platformer. It’s a really cool platformer that combines various elements like adaptive enemies and obstacle courses, and weaves them into a story, but it’s a platformer nonetheless. If you liked Ghostrunner because of the puzzle solving and platforming sections of the game, you’ll instantly fall in love with Neon White. Think of Neon White as a more angelic Ghostrunner with less cyber-stuff, and almost no gore. It’s also partly a visual novel, but you can skip to the action if you’re not interested in the story.

Neon White’s gameplay is surprisingly similar to the Ghostrunner franchise, even though the mechanics are extremely different. The game is broken into various levels that need to be cleared one by one. Each level has a mix of platforming and enemy-killing using acrobatics, and each level has some hidden collectible that you might want to look for. Neon White is fast-paced, speedrunner oriented, and makes you feel like a ninja just as much as Ghostrunner 2 does.

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