10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners


  • Key takeaways:
  • Dismantle old weapons for easy money and to summon new Personas.
  • “Talk” with your team to earn quick GP and enjoy character interactions.
  • Utilize gun attacks for unlimited ammo, easy One Mores, and powerful attacks.
  • (Note: The character limit prevents summarizing all the points in the article, but these takeaways cover some of the main tips and tricks mentioned.)

Persona 5 Tactica is the latest spin-off in the Persona universe, now adapting the established gameplay into a tactics-style game. Instead of turn-based combat, the Phantom Thieves are now fighting in top-down grid battles.

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Despite the changes, all the mechanics from Persona 5 are adapted into this game, with One Mores and All Out Attacks being major aspects of clearing out waves of enemies. With such a different style of combat, many players may take just a bit to adapt to the changes; here are some tips and tricks to help.

10 Dismantle Old Weapons

Yen For Old & Unused Stuff

Dissasembling A Weapon In The Velvet Room

  • Easy money that can easily be missed
  • Yen to summon new Personas for fusion

As players progress through the main story, new guns will come and go, with old weapons piling up in each character’s inventory. After a better gun is found, old weapons don’t do anything useful and should be sold for Yen right after a new one is equipped.

Players are able to disassemble old weapons in the Velvet Room right after Lavenza opens it up. There’s no mention or tutorial mentioning disassembling guns, so it’s an easy mechanic to skip over. While old weapons aren’t disassembled for a lot of Yen, it’s better than nothing.

9 Talk To Your Team

Quick & Easy Party-Wide GP

The Talk Menu In The Hideout

  • Quick and easy GP
  • Fun character interactions

After unlocking the Hideout in the first Kingdom, players will get the “Talk” option in the main menu. While Persona 5 Tactica doesn’t offer any social links like the original game, these Talks can be seen as a form of social links as the characters get together and talk about the game’s events or other random things that come up.

As main missions are completed, new Talks will become available and only last about a minute while also rewarding players with GP for the entire party. GP is very important to strengthening the party through their skill trees, making Talks easy ways to strengthen everyone without putting in much work.

8 Utilize Gun Attacks

Unlimited Ammo & Easy One Mores

Yusuke Aiming His Gun At An Enemy

  • Infinite ammo
  • Easily earn One Mores

While the original game had limitations on ammunition, Persona 5 Tactica doesn’t have any limits on ammo and should be utilized very often in combat. Shooting an enemy that is not in cover will reward a One More, letting the character move again or line up another more powerful attack on the downed enemy.

Chaining multiple gun attacks on enemies out of cover can have characters clear out most enemies in only a single turn while also setting up powerful Triple Threat attacks without using SP.

7 Move Around And Undo Turns

Take Some Time & Think Before Acting, Or Undo If Needed

The Undo Action Help Option

  • Take time and line up various options
  • Undo single turns instead of restarting a battle

During a character’s turn, they can move around as many tiles as their movement speed allows and will end their turn by either holding their action, using a skill, or attacking. Until an action is made, that character can move as much as they’d like within their movement zone, looking for new angles and aiming for other targets.

Until an action is made, players can check any possible action that the character can do for that turn before making the best choice. In the main menu of a battle, players can also undo turns if the following turn doesn’t go well or they see a better option. Utilizing both of these mechanics can have players utilizing their party to the maximum potential.

6 Replay Old Missions

Get Three Stars Or Grind For XP & Yen

The Player Obtaining Four Personas

  • Easily grind XP & Yen
  • Completionists can easily get 3 stars

While completing missions, there will be side objectives that can be completed to increase the XP and Yen rewarded for completion. Going back and completing older missions after getting stronger can make it easier to achieve three stars, earning the full rewards for each mission.

Even if three stars have been achieved on a mission, players can still go back and replay completed missions to gain additional XP and Yen to strengthen their party for more difficult fights ahead.

5 Position Triple Threats To Maximize Effects

Easily Take Out Many Enemies At Once

The Players Lining Up A Triple Threat

  • Win missions in a few turns
  • Deal massive damage to strong enemies

Knocking down an enemy not only gives a One More but also allows the character who performed the attack to trigger a Triple Threat in a triangle drawn between the three active characters. After getting a One More, that character gets their full movement back, letting them move around to change the shape of the triangle before triggering the Triple Threat.

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If the other characters also have unused actions, they can also be switched to and moved around to shape the triangle and cover more enemies, and later be moved back in a different direction for their action, all in the same turn. Only the originally downed enemy needs to be in the triangle to trigger the attack, with other enemies caught in the triangle only adding to the benefits of the attack.

4 Learn The Elemental Effects

Take Advantage Of Each Persona’s Bonus Effects

Yusuke Using An Ability With His Persona

  • Alter enemy’s locations and get One Mores
  • Keep enemies from acting or moving

While this game doesn’t have elemental affinities and weaknesses like the original game, every element does have an additional effect on top of the normal damage output. Many elemental attacks can be used to reposition enemies to line or group them up for an even more powerful follow-up attack.

Many elemental effects can hinder an enemy’s following turn, keeping them from moving, attacking, or even both. While some status effects are useful to be left on an enemy, others can be followed up with another elemental attack to guarantee a One More while also removing the original elemental effect from that enemy.

3 Complete Quests

Learn To Think Outside The Box & Earn GP

The Beginning Menu Of Quest 3

  • Master various mechanics
  • Earn GP to strengthen characters

Quests are side missions that are unlocked as main missions are completed. While these aren’t required to be completed, they do offer large amounts of GP for various characters required to complete the quest. GP is needed to unlock skills on a character’s skill tree, and it won’t be possible to unlock every skill without completing many of these quests.

Quests all offer unique challenges, forcing players to learn and master the game’s various mechanics. Completing quests will not only strengthen characters but also prepare players for missions later in the game.

2 Fuse & Use Sub Personas

Carry On Powerful Skills & Boost The Stats Of Each Party Member

The Persona Equip Menu

  • Boost a character’s stats
  • Give any skill to any character

Joker is no longer the only Wild Card, with all the other Phantom Thieves being able to equip Sub Personas and get access to their skills and additional stats. Sub Personas are practically a necessity due to the additional stats provided, and the additional skills only help add to a character’s options in battle.

Sub Personas now only have two skills available, with only one skill from two Personas being able to transfer over to a new Persona through fusion. Fusing new Personas is more important than ever, as constant fusion is required to make everyone in the party strong enough for the difficult battles in the game.

1 Always Find Cover

Never Get Knocked Down & Resist All Damage

Yusuke Using Cover And Shooting An Enemy

  • Always resist incoming damage
  • Limit enemy One Mores

The most essential part of combat is finding and using cover. Character not using cover will get knocked down from any attack and give enemies a One More. It doesn’t matter where an enemy is attacking from; as long as a character is standing next to some sort of cover, they will resist all incoming damage and now get knocked down.

There is also full cover that can be hidden behind and will have the character ignore all incoming damage from the opposite direction. Not utilizing an action will have a character become Charged, and it’s almost always a better option to play it safe, get changed, and stay in cover than run out in the open to get a single attack off.

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