How to Get All Free Perk Easter Eggs in MW3 Zombies

How to Get All Free Perk Easter Eggs in MW3 Zombies

There are a number of free Perk Cans to collect in MW3 Zombies, allowing you to rack up in-game boosts without spending any cash.

Perks are an essential part of any Call of Duty Zombies experience. Each drink gives players a boost in-game, by offering unique effects to help increase your survivability.

Usually, you have to pay for the privilege, using either MWZ’s Perk Machines or by spending your time completing contracts. However, there are a few ways to get your hands on Perks, completely free of charge.

MW3 Zombies Lobby menu character

Here are all the free Perk Cans that MWZ fans have discovered so far:

How to Get All Free Perks

Using the Easter eggs below, one player can get each of the following Perks in each game:

Bear in mind that your teammates won’t be able to replicate the process. This free Perk trick only works once, and it only allows the player who performed the Easter egg to claim the reward.

We’ll continue to update this article as more Perk Easter eggs are discovered!

However, if you choose to stow the Perk instead of using it, you can always drop it for your team instead.

Death Perception

To get a free Death Perception Perk in MW3 Zombies, players need to climb to the top of a smokestack at Sorokin Industrial and parachute through three rings in the nearby art installation without touching the ground.

Where to Get Free Death Perception Perk in MW3 Zombies

Although it takes some quick maneuvering, Death Perception is a relatively easy Perk to get your hands on.

Simply climb up the smokestack in Sorokin Industrial, located at the very north side of the MW3 Zombies map, by using the two ladders on its side.

The Rings to Fly Through for Free Death Perception

Then, you’ll want to pull your parachute as soon as you jump off the top, and head southeast to the nearby art installation that depicts three rings.

Parachuting through the art installation

Fly through each ring in one smooth motion (we suggest starting on the right-hand side before pulling left).

Free Death Perception Perk in MW3 Zombies

Then, when you touch the ground, a Reward Rift will offer you a free Death Perception Perk Can!

PhD Flopper

To get a free PhD Flopper Perk in MW3 Zombies, players need to stand on the roof of Shahin Manor and jump directly from the roof into the pool outside.

Shahin Manor in MW3 Zombies

This is an incredibly simple Perk Can to get your hands on, so it’s one you shouldn’t miss.

Simply climb onto the roof of Shahin Manor and take a running jump to reach the water.

The Shahin Manor Pool in Urzikstan

You don’t need to Dolphin Dive, just a regular jump will do.

However, you will want to be holding either a light weapon or just using your fists to gain sufficient speed – don’t attempt this with an LMG in hand!

Free PhD Flopper Perk Can in MWZ Zombies

Once you’ve hit the water, you’ll see a Reward Rift spawn nearby, containing a PhD Flopper Perk Can.

Speed Cola

To get a free Speed Cola Perk in MW3 Zombies, players need to get a vehicle and drive up the bird statue in Levin Resort, before landing on the road below it.

Like PhD Flopper, Speed Cola couldn’t be simpler to get for free in MWZ. First, get yourself a vehicle. Then, head to the very top left of the Tier 2 Zone (shown as orange on the map), just east of Levin Resort.

The Bird Statue in MWZ

You can see a stone bird statue with a red arrow on its tail feathers, indicating that you need to drive up the bird’s back. Do so, and launch yourself off the head, landing on the road below.

Driving up the Bird Statue in MW3 Zombies

This will cause a Reward Rift to spawn, containing a Speed Cola Perk Can.

Free Speed Cola Perk in MW3 Zombies

Quick Revive

To get a free Quick Revive Perk in MW3 Zombies, players need to get a fast vehicle and race from one highway sign to the next before the time expires.

First, head to this section of highway, just southwest of Hadiqa Farms. Here, you’ll see a sign over the highway with a blue rabbit sitting on top of it.

The Start of the Time Trial in MW3 Zombies

Up on the highway ahead, heading north, there’s a similar sign with a rabbit symbol on it too.

Get a fast vehicle, such as an ATV and take it to one of the two signs. Stop beneath the first sign and you’ll hear a laugh sound.

Driving an ATV on the Highway MWZ

This is your signal to race to the opposing sign as fast as you can. Complete your time trial in a quick enough time and you’ll see a Reward Rift spawn, containing a free Quick Revive Perk Can.

Free Quick Revive Perk in MW3 Zombies

That’s all of the current free Perk Easter eggs that have been discovered in MWZ so far!

We’ll keep this article updated as secret hunters continue to explore the zombie-infested Urzikstan.

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