Today’s Wordle answer and hint for November 11

Today’s Wordle answer and hint for November 11

The answer to today’s Wordle is only a quick click away if you need a hand—go on, we promise we won’t tell. Prefer something a little less direct? You’ve got it. Keep scrolling and you’ll soon find our general tips and tricks, as well as a helpful hint for the November 11 (875) game.

Well, that was confusing. I didn’t have all that much to work with until I was halfway down the board today, and what I did have didn’t exactly cause today’s Wordle answer to leap out at me. I ended up having to experiment with the letters I had left, rearranging them in my mind until I finally found a valid word that fit around the few greens I did have.

Today’s Wordle hint

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Wordle today: A hint for Saturday, November 11

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