Fans Think G Herbo Is Dissing Chris Brown in His ‘PSA’ Video

Fans Think G Herbo Is Dissing Chris Brown in His ‘PSA’ Video

It seems like fans think G Herbo was going after Chris Brown for asking Funny Marco a question about him in an interview.

Fans Think G Herbo Is Dissing Chris Brown for Asking Funny Marco About Him

Everyone thinks G Herbo was seemingly warning Chris Brown to keep his name out of his mouth following his interview with Funny Marco, but that wasn’t the case.

On Friday (Nov. 10), Chicago rapper jumped on his Instagram Story and delivered a “PSA” to “b***h ass n***as” who have his name in their mouths. Many fans have speculated that Herbo was referring to Chris who mentioned his name during an interview with Funny Marco.

“PSA—that’s a public service announcement—for the simple fact that I don’t be having nobody’s name in my mouth, especially n***as,” he said in the video below. “If you have my name in your mouth, talking to another party, a person, I hope you able to back it up.”

“And I hope you tough, way tougher than me, because if I hear it, I’ma slap the fuck outta ya,” he continued. “I’m about to start treating n***as like the b****es they are. A lot of you n***as [are] b****es and been b****es.”

“Me? I’ve never been a b***h. I don’t even play with b***h-ass n***as. And a lot of you b***h-ass n***as be doing b***h-ass s**t, so I’m just warning y’all,” he concluded.

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Chris Brown Asks Funny Marco About His Wild Interview with G Herbo and Southside

Although G Herbo didn’t mention any names, many fans believed that his warning was aimed at Chris Brown.

On the latest episode of Funny Marco’s Open Thoughts podcast, which premiered on YouTube last Thursday (Nov. 9), Chris Brown turned the tables on Marco during his interview and asked him an awkward question.

“Why you let G Herbo and them do you like that?” he asked in the 30-minute interview, which you can watch below. Marco laughed and explained that he was in the moment and couldn’t believe what was happening.

“‘Cause was I just like in the moment, I was like damn like this happening like damn,” Marco said.

“So you just letting light-skinned n***as just bully you and s**t,” Brown replied.

“I was just like damn like this is like just happening and I was like thinking as it was going on and damn this is happening. It was like that,” Marco responded.

Brown was referring to Funny Marco’s weird interview with G Herbo and Southside, which went viral on social media. The rapper and producer seemed to be in a trollish mood throughout the convo, frequently ignoring Marco’s shtick of asking absurd questions. At one point, Herbo threw a cup at Marco before apologizing. Marco later revealed that the duo broke his $30,000 watch in a deleted scene.

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G Herbo and Chris Brown Deny They Have Beef With Each Other

G Herbo and Chris Brown took to social media to deny rumors of a feud after a video of Herbo dissing Brown went viral. Brown posted on his Instagram Story that he and Herbo are cool.

“Y’all gotta chill wit the negative s**t,” he wrote in his message.


Meanwhile, G Herbo responded to DJ Akademiks’ post about his “PSA” video. He wrote: “I’m not talking bout no f**king Chris [Brown] stop posting this gang yall reaching.”

Fans are probably happy there’s no beef between Chris Brown and G Herbo.

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Read G Herbo and Chris Brown’s response to the rumors that they have issues with each other below.

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