Attack on Titan Finale: Did Eren Love Mikasa?

Attack on Titan Finale: Did Eren Love Mikasa?

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  • Eren’s question to Mikasa about her feelings for him revealed his true desire for her love, but her response of calling him “family” sealed his tragic fate.
  • In a heart-to-heart with his best friend Armin, Eren confessed his love for Mikasa and expressed his longing to be with her, acknowledging their inability to have a happy life together in a world of violence.
  • Various songs in the series, such as “The Rumbling” and “Under the Tree,” subtly hint at Eren and Mikasa’s love, while the original soundtrack, “Call Your Name,” centers around their life together in the cabin.

One of Attack on Titan‘s longest-running plot lines is Mikasa Ackermann’s undying love for her childhood friend, Eren Jaeger, the protagonist and final villain of the series. Eren and Mikasa’s relationship has been a massive debate ever since the series started, with some fans questioning whether Eren actually loves her or not. And while the series always gave not-so-subtle hints at their true feelings, the finale gave a resounding answer to the ten-year-long question.

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Eren has explicitly stated on several occasions that his ultimate goal is to make sure his friends live long and peaceful lives, and that, of course, includes Mikasa, but while some questioned Eren’s feelings, the answer to this question has never been more clear.

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Eren’s Alternative To The Rumbling

Attack on Titan Eren and Mikasa

Back in Marley, when the Survey Corp traveled there to hear the conclusion of the United Nations regarding Paradis Island, Eren asked Mikasa a question that she had no idea how important it was: “What Am I to you?”. Eren’s mind was a complete mess due to his connection with Paths, and his goal to activate the Rumbling was all but determined. But at that moment, he gave himself and Mikasa a choice. Eren asked that question as a sort of confession, expecting her to give the answer he was looking for, the answer he knew Mikasa had in her heart. But she instead called him “family,” sending Eren into the absolute certainty of his horrific future, The Rumbling.

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However, in Paths, in an alternate life, Mikasa gave him the answer they both wanted, and they dreamed of a new house, someplace to be at peace. In Paths, Eren and Mikasa lived together in a cabin away from the war and everyone. Spending their time together happy even if it was in a separate life from reality.

Eren’s Confession To Armin

Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger

During his final moments, Eren had a heart-to-heart conversation with his best friend, Armin Arlert, explaining the entire situation before they met one last time in battle for the sake of the world. After Armin yelled at Eren, criticizing him for his treatment of Mikasa, Eren finally admitted his feelings; with tears in his eyes, he confessed how he wanted Mikasa to love him forever and how he truly wanted to be with her and the others.

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Eren truly loved Mikasa, but in a life filled with violence and war, they could never have a happy life together. If only their time in the cabin where they had a world without time, life, or death and separate from the hell they lived in.

Eren And Mikasa’s Songs

Attack on Titan The Rumbling and Under the Tree by SIM

For attentive listeners, there are a number of songs used in the series that have referred to Eren and Mikasa’s love. “The Rumbling” by SIM is written from the perspective of Eren, and “Under the Tree” also by SIM is Mikasa’s perspective. The original soundtrack used for the anime since season one, “Call Your Name” by Hiroyuki Sawano and MPI, is all about Eren and Mikasa’s life together in the cabin.

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