Soulja Boy Reveals Eye-Watering Fees For Features & Shows

Soulja Boy Reveals Eye-Watering Fees For Features & Shows

Soulja Boy is about his money, and revealed he has some steep fees if someone is looking to book him for a song or a show.

Taking to Instagram Live on Tuesday (October 31), Big Drako revealed he has a seven-figure fee for features, while shows run in the six figures. After parties are in the fives, though.

“If you want a verse, it’s gon’ cost you a M,” he told his followers as he counted a stack of money. “You want a show, it’s gon’ cost you $100k. You want an after party, it’s gon cost you 50 bands. We just turnt Texas up. This what it’s gon’ cost you. No cap. That’s just what it’s gon’ cost you.”

You can watch the clip below:

Soulja Boy’s ex may want a word, however, as the rapper has yet to satisfy a debt he owes her that totals more than a half-million dollars.

Soulja was sued by Kayla Myers back in 2020 for assault, battery and false imprisonment. The alleged assault and kidnapping occurred at his Malibu home and reportedly lasted for six hours. The SODMG founder was never criminally charged for the assault, but cops later discovered weapons in his home, which violated his probation.

He denied any wrongdoing and blamed a third party for Myers’ injuries. Later that same month, he was ordered to pay Myers $235,000 when the jury found in her favor.

But by 2023, Soulja still had not paid, and in October, Myers petitioned the courts to get her judgment satisfied by any means necessary, and that means going after all the ways he can — and will — make money now and in the future.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Myers has petitioned the courts to allow her to seize the “Crank That” rapper’s royalties, Twitch streaming income, and even profits from his marijuana business until the judgment she’d won for nearly $500,000 is paid off in full.

The move arrived just days after a judge signed off on an order allowing Myers to seize Soulja Boy’s other assets to settle the judgment, suggesting that the value of the assets isn’t enough to satisfy it in full — an argument that the “Kiss Me Through The Phone” rapper has made in the past.

The week prior, Soulja Boy was ordered to surrender his yellow Bentley, a red Lamborghini, a Dodge Charger Hellcat, and a yellow Mercedes-Benz.

The court order, which was signed at the end of September, stated that he would also have to surrender a diamond-studded “Soulja Boy” neck chain worth $10,000 and a black Cartier watch worth $8,000, as well as all cash over $1,000, in order to satisfy a debt totaling close to $500,000, which Soulja’s ex Kayla Myers won in a lawsuit against the rapper.

The order also states that the Sheriff’s Department will enter Soulja Boy’s property at any given time to seize the property, and he is not allowed to interfere with the seizure.

Soulja Boy Threatens To Sue ‘Complex’ Over Fake Jewelry & Clothes Claims

Soulja Boy Threatens To Sue ‘Complex’ Over Fake Jewelry & Clothes Claims

Back in July, the rapper (real name DeAndre Cortez Way) revealed to the courts that despite bragging about all the money he makes and has made, he doesn’t own the home he lives in, and he has a debt to the IRS totaling more than $1million.

What’s more, he admits that his assets are limited: he owns three cars (two worth $250,000 each, and one worth $100,000), has about $18,000 worth of jewelry, and $50,000 worth of stock.

He made these revelations in an attempt to prevent the courts from levying the punitive damages awarded to Myers — and, failing that, to throw the whole case out and get a retrial.

Both of these efforts were unsuccessful, and Soulja Boy has exhausted all of his appeals.

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