Though he’s not the strongest in the show, Itadori Yuji is still the main character of Jujutsu Kaisen. With a lovable personality, an admirable work ethic, and immense natural potential, he is one of Gojo’s most prized students.

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Though he’s only been in the Jujutsu world for a short few months, he can contend with the strongest of cursed spirits, going toe to toe with special grade spirits. Considering his background, his powers are quite impressive. Of course, they’re not much to brag about when compared to veterans of the world.

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Birth Parents

Itadori Yuji Birth Parents

The birth parents of Itadori Yuji are allegedly normal humans, Kaori Itadori and Jin Itadori. According to the Manga, his mother was a Jujutsu practitioner who could use her innate technique to turn off gravity. However, the plot twist comes when you realize that this is the same Kaori that got taken over by Kenjaku, the main antagonist of the series.

During his time possessing the body of Kaori, Kenjaku gave birth to Yuji, which is the cause for his superhuman physique. His motivations for doing so are unknown.

Superhuman Strength and Agility

Itadori breaks a goal post

From the get-go, it’s obvious that Itadori isn’t a normal high-schooler. He is the ace of the track-and-field club, he can throw a lead ball into the goal post hard enough to bend it, and he can punch through brick walls like they’re made of cardboard.

His main offense against cursed spirits is utilizing his incredible strength alongside his high reserve of cursed energy. By combining the two, he is able to take on high grade cursed spiirts without much difficulty. However, he cannot combat special grades with just these two abilities.

High Durability and Stamina

Itadori Yuuji sitting down in front of Gojo

Needless to say, Yuji is also quite durable. It isn’t enough to be able to throw a mean punch, you have to be able to take one without folding in half as well. The anime has shown that Yuji is more than capable of taking a little beating without dying, though he has died once or twice (don’t worry about it).

Furthermore, he has the stamina to keep going for extended periods of time, making him quite a great fighter. Think of him as Captain America with a dash of flavorful superpowers.

Fast Learner

Yuji's first exposure to the Jujutsu world

Without a doubt, Yuji’s most precious ability is his capability to learn. That might seem like an over-exaggeration, but you have to keep in mind that Yuji is a newcomer who learned everything he has in a scant few months. He can go toe to toe with special grade curses, with a little help, and that’s mostly because of how well he can pick up new concepts and implement them in his fights.

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One good example of this is how he learned the Black Flash, his most powerful attack. Conceptually, the Black Flash isn’t anything groundbreaking. You just have to release an immense amount of cursed energy in a very, very short amount of time (0.000001 seconds). In practice, this is a feat that is only achievable by a handful of sorcerers, with even characters like Gojo not being able to use it on command. However, Yuji is able to learn it right after he learns about the mechanics of it from Aoi Todo during his fight against Hanami, a special grade spirit.

Because of his incredible natural talent, Satoru Gojo believes that he is one of the few people in the world who can surpass him in strength and become the new pillar for the Jujutsu community.

Perfect Vessel

Sukuna rips out Yuji's heart

The latest episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen have revealed that Itadori Yuji was created as a perfect vessel for Kenjaku, the ancient evil sorcerer. The creature took over the young boy’s mother and conceived a child (Itadori Yuji) that would have the capacity to hold the evil sorcerer in the future.

Because of the unique circumstances of his birth, Yuji has a high affinity for cursed energy and has a unique constitution that’s much more advanced than normal humans, even before he starts training with cursed energy. This is also the reason he can see cursed spirits before receiving formal training.

Martial Artist and Weapons Master

Yuji fighting Hanami in the opening song of the anime

Though he isn’t formally trained in martial arts or weapon use, Itadori quickly grasped the basics of the disciplines and wasted no time in utilizing them in his fights. He uses his natural athleticism to his advantage and weaves in and out of combat fluidly, dispatching cursed spirits in quick bursts.

He can fight against Aoi Todo, one of the premiere martial artists in the entire country with nothing but his fists, matching him blow for blow. Once he infuses his attacks with cursed energy, they gain even more power and can effect cursed spirits as well as normal humans.

Divergent Fist

Itadori Yuuji using the Divergent Fist in Jujutsu Kaisen

One of the techniques that Yuji utilizes at the start of his career is the Divergent Fist. He uses it to great effect against low level cursed spirits, but it falls apart when the opponent is of a higher grade. After criticism from Todo on the technique, Yuji stopped using it for the most part.

Though it isn’t an innate technique, it is quite hard to pull off, largely depending on Yuji’s remarkable physical abilities. The user of the technique has to punch so fast that the cursed energy doesn’t have time to escape through their fist. This creates a delayed shockwave that can take cursed spirits off guard. Using this techinque, Yuji is able to land the effect of two punches at once.

Black Flash

Itadori Using the Black Flash

The most powerful technique in Yuji’s arsenal is definitely the Black Flash. It is one of the hardest techniques to master, being very unreliable. The highest record of consecutive Black Flashes is held by Kento Nanami, who managed to pull it off four times in a row.

According to Nanami, the hardest part of the technique is pulling it off the first time around. Afterward, it’s a matter of getting into the correct mindset, a flowstate, where the user can manipulate their cursed energy without thinking.

The Black Flash is a cursed energy manipulation technique where the user condenses their cursed energy and releases it at the precise time when their physical hit lands. The intense concentration causes a ripple in space, causing a very large amount of damage.

The first time Yuji used the Black Flash, he was able to land four hits on Hanami at once, which tied Nanami’s record. After a user manages to use the technique once, their control over their cursed energy rises exponentially, becoming almost completely natural. This is why it’s easier to use the Black Flash after you’ve used it once.

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