Need to Know

What is it? An RPG/skate sim/cooking game/audiovisual treat
Release date November 2, 2023
Expect to pay Price TBA
Developer Outerloop Games
Publisher Annapurna Interactive
Reviewed on Asus ROG Ally
Steam Deck TBA
Link Official site

I’m having a long overdue conversation with my ex. He deserved a more honest breakup than I was capable of at the time and so now we’re finally creating a dialogue and working through it maturely. Saying that, I am also slam dunking a basketball into his face. Oh, and I’m using my thirst taunt to make him lust after me, making him more vulnerable to my attacks. Am I the asshole?

This is a typical scene in Thirsty Suitors, a game I’d say that I love, but I’m terrified it’ll diagnose my “love” as nothing but desperate people-pleasing. Fair warning, this game has a lot to say about toxic relationships, and some of its home truths hit much harder than a basketball to the noggin.

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By fcjyy