The Chronicle Film Podcast, Support Us!

The Chronicle Film Podcast, Support Us!

Last week (26th) we released episode 21 of The Chronicle Film Podcast. It was an momentous episode and we introduced our new c-host Clotilde Chinnici. Clotilde has been writing for the website for a while now we can add podcasting.

This post call it more an editorial, or simply myself sharing thoughts on the podcast and the direction we hope to go. When I started the podcast it started at my own personal site Chronicles In Film, hence the name The Chronicle. I used that site to practice podcasting solo episodes, a mix of cinema, streaming and home entertainment releases. 20 episodes things have went fairly well, even the Chronicle Extra episodes have had a streak of success. Now Episode 21 it’s time to let someone join me.

The fun problem with anything is picking what to review? We will keep the same simple rules, review, examining, moan with no set time or even format as long as it’s about  film and streaming. For this new episode, 21 it was a London Film Festival special. Three films Killers Of The Flower Moon, All Of Us Are Strangers and Poor Things plus a small round up of the rest of the festival. It was a little nervy, unknown territory to make sure we both got a proper chance to say what we had to. I think we can say everyone got a fair chance to speak, opinions respected. Yes It was a bit rough around the edges, but will change over time for the good.

The main episodes we are looking record every couple weeks and we’ve already started on those films we’ll cover. With 15th November our next potential recording date, stay tuned for details on episode 22. You maybe asking what will happen in-between those episodes? The Chronicle Extra hopefully, they will be mostly be solo episodes, sometimes both us.  Following the same format as the main episode just the continuation of the chat, however that chat may not always be reviews, could be features, previews, essays, you name it. Some main episode might also be solo or with other co-hosts depending on our own work and private commitments. The best way to keep up to date on things is subscribe to the blog via email (find it below reviews column on the side panel) or follow us on social media.

When episodes to come out or you get a chance to listen to previous episode, please do share them. With family, friends and around social media, your support is very important to all of us at The Peoples Movies. As  your opinions, do share that opinion, it help us improve, get the word out on the podcast for new listeners. You can find the episodes on most of the main go to places for podcasts, listen, like and share.

The Peoples Movies will be 15 years old in late November. I never imagined I would be still doing this and many great folks have shared my journey, enhanced the site, hopefully I have helped them be it minor. A big thank you from myself, and to those who are with the site now. When I started the site in 2008, it wasn’t for money, it was to give myself a platform to share my views on film. Several well known film sites also started in the same month (congratulations to them), financially possibly better off. Things are getting harder to keep things running, improve the site, and now it’s time to our followers to show their support.

If anyone would like to show their support they can do via Buy Me A Coffee or even Paypal. These sites give you a chance to make a cash donation, any donations big or small a big thank you from myself. Those donations help to the website and podcast costs, bills or even upgrades.

Once again thank you for your support!


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