Spider-Man 2: How To Beat Venom

Spider-Man 2: How To Beat Venom

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is an absolute triumph. From the flawless web-swinging to memorable villains, it doesn’t get any better for fans of the wall-crawler. Now that it’s in the hands of everyone to enjoy, people are finally able to experience a true PS5 exclusive making the most of this generation’s hardware. The PS5’s power is on full display as player’s take in superior lighting, marvelous ray tracing, and top-notch graphics.

As the story reaches its conclusion, it’s time to face off against Venom and the symbiotes who have taken over New York. Thankfully, Peter isn’t alone. This fight features both Spider-Men in their new suits. Peter makes full use of the new Anti-Venom suit while Miles is able to incorporate his new lightning powers.

Venom Phase 1: Friend Turned Foe

This fight begins with Peter and Venom brawling at the old high school. Venom uses his powers to transform the setting into a landscape with three distinct sections. You can expect Venom to be extremely aggressive during this whole fight. If you flee, he will give chase. If you try to keep your distance, he will extend his arm to grab you. The best strategy you can have is to get in his face and meet his ferocity with your own.

Dodge Or Block The Symbiote Mace

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight 1

This is a pretty simple attack. Venom turns his arm into a giant mace and tries to slam you with it. This attack has a red ring, which means you can dodge it or block it. If your timing is really great, you can even parry it.

Dodge The Unblockable Blue-Ringed Attacks

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight 2

Venom is going to use a couple of blue ring attacks to ruin your day. Your only option here is to dodge out of the way. Blocking and parrying will not work. If he lands the hit, he will bite you in a pretty ferocious way. You’ll definitely feel the hit, as it does some significant damage. The other option is that he may grab you and jump to one of the other sections of the large arena.

Parry Attacks That Cannot Be Dodged Or Blocked

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

Some attacks with a large red and yellow ring cannot be dodged or blocked. They’re pretty nasty, so you absolutely want to parry them. The good news is that a successful parry will create an opening for you to rock Venom with some hits.

Use The Environment

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

You want to keep your eyes out for anything that can release some sonic sounds. On the football field, it’s the loudspeaker. In the first area, there’s a car with an alarm you can trigger. Hit L1+R1 to trigger these sonic devices and leave Venom (and any other symbiotes in Phase 2) vulnerable for a while.

Get Off The Ground

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

Once you’ve damaged Venom a bit, he will spread goo all over the ground. This goo will have mouths sprouting up from the ground to bite you. Don’t land in the goo and stay above those hungry mouths. Your gadgets and special abilities won’t be able to do anything, so just play keep away for the moment.

Change Locations

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

Once the goo has taken over the section you and Venom have been rumbling in, you should swing away to a new section of the arena. Once you do this, Venom will follow you. Rinse and repeat these tips until you’ve taken down Venom’s health bar. With this section of the fight over, it’s time for Phase 2.

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Venom Phase 2: Playing The Field

Phase 2 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does add new complications to the fight. You’ll now be facing off against the boss and multiple minions. This will leave your attention divided, so look out for openings that could leave you vulnerable. There will be no shortage of enemies looking to punish you for slipping up. The these of this phase is chaos. You’re going to have a lot happening on your screen, so try not to get overwhelmed. If you get too flustered, try to webswing above them a little. Just know that Venom will try to grab you if you’re up there too long.

Welcome The New Guests

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

Venom is going to summon a bunch of minions. Unfortunately, defeating those minions doesn’t do much outside of giving you a moment to breathe. Once the extra symbiotes are gone, Venom will summon new ones to take their place. That’s right, the party just won’t stop. You’ll need to juggle taking out symbiotes while still get in some hits on the big boy himself.

Use The Web-Grabber And Sonic Gadgets

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

The fortunate thing about your new guests is that they’re extremely fragile. Sonic sounds will cause them to burst. Gadgets will kill them in one hit. If you haven’t been using it, consider upgrading the Web-Grabber. It’s incredibly useful throughout the entire game, and this fight is no exception. The gadget will pull a bunch of symbiotes into one another and usually kill them on the spot. Seriously. the Web-Grabber is a five-star gadget in this game.

Use Your Symbiote Surge

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

You know how Spider-Man’s symbiote suit gives him a little bit of that Kratos rage? Well, you want to make good use of that. If you want to maximize your results, use it in a moment where you’re close to death and don’t have a heal available. This will let you go on the extreme offensive and lay down the hurt. At the very least, your barrage of hits will help charge your focus bar.

Break Through Venom’s Barrier

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

That’s right! In Phase 2 of the fight, Venom has a barrier you need to get through before you can deal any real damage! Isn’t that just delightful? Well, fortunately, you’re up to the task. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll be fine. It might take you a little longer to get through this phase, but slow and steady wins the race. Or beats the boss in this case, I guess.

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Venom Phase 3: They Fly Now

Once Venom realizes you’ve been distracting him this whole time, he gets pretty upset. And why not? You’re friends. Friends just don’t distract each other while one of them tries to take over a city. Anyway, Venom will sprout wings and fly to Oscorp to get back the meteorite that gives him immense power. At this point, he puts some serious hurt on Peter, and it’s up to Miles to take over at the Spider-Man who’s going to thwart Venom’s plans. Many of the tips above also apply to these later phases, so don’t forget them.

Dodge Projectiles

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

Venom is going to throw things at you while he stays aloft in the center of the room. He will typically throw two small projectiles before throwing a larger rock. So, be prepared for things to come at you in a pattern of two then one. Your spidey sense will also act as an indicator of when you need to dodge.

Throw Back Rocks

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

When Venom goes to throw the large rock at you, you’re more than welcome to dodge it. However, you may notice the L1+R1 indicator popping up as he starts to throw. Snag that rock with some webs and send it flying back at Venom. He’s not going to expect it, so it will leave him open for a moment. Simply throwing back the rock isn’t going to deal significant damage, so you’ll need to use this window to move in close.

Stay Airborne

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight 20

After you hit Venom with one of his own rocks, you’ll have an opening you web-zip to him and start punching. At this moment, you want to stay airborne for as long as you can. If timed correctly you never have to land on the ground. Punch Venom, dodge his projectiles, throw back rocks, and web-zip again. This pattern will make it so you never have to hit the ground, and you continue to damage Venom at every opportunity.

Venom Phase 4: You Don’t Have To Be This Way

Now that you’ve managed to take Venom to the ground, you’ll have an easier time bringing the pain. That doesn’t mean the fight will be easy, but it does mean you’ll have better mobility. Remember to dodge and parry as often as possible. Making use of parry is going to help you mitigate damage and create openings to dish out some damage. As for gadgets, your sonic device is going to be the only reliable one. The rest of your gadgets are fine, but there aren’t any standout must-haves for this stage of the fight.

Throw Sonic Canisters

Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight

Once again you’ll want to pay attention to your surroundings for things you can use against Venom. You’re most likely to notice canisters placed in prominent positions where you can easily spot them. These canisters will give you some sonic opportunities to interrupt attacks and leave him vulnerable. Just be cautious about using them too early in the fight. If you chain them together in the beginning, you’ll have to rely on your own steam to take you the rest of the way.

Jump Over The Symbiote Wave

Spider-Man Venom Fight

Venom will occasionally create a wave of goo that he sends your way. If it hits you, it’s going to hurt. You can try to web swing over it, but that’s not as reliable as a charged jump. While jumping, you can still grab one of the sonic devices and throw it in Venom’s face. You can also try web-zipping over the wave, but again, that’s not as reliable as a charged jump. If you combine a charged jump and a web-zip, you can come down on Venom with some pretty aggressive attack. This is especially true if you have some of your special skills available.

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