ApocalypseShadow6h ago

This isn’t directed at you per say, but let’s look at the reality of the situation.

Gamers, again, aren’t going to admit it, but THEY are the ones that asked Sony to make them.

We all know Sony makes some of the best single player games in the business. No question. Even though other companies tried to minimize singles player, and now some gamers try to push a narrative that they were all for single player games AFTER Microsoft acquired publishers making some. Before, it was the bullshit of “one and done” games while crying over something like Spider-Man. Even though Microsoft had first dibs at a Marvel game and said no.

Gamers always asked for Sony to start making online games to the equivalent of their single player games. This is a truth. Asking for a Resistance Reboot, or War Hawk or Socom or TLofU online, Uncharted, etc. Gamers asked Sony to make or bring them back.

But online games have changed from the one shot deal. I don’t care for them, or pay for online. But in order to keep gamers from jumping from the next game to the next game, online games have added more modes, items, maps, skins, etc over the course of a game. GaaS basically. Even GT7 does this. To keep you coming back.

Now, that they are making them, gamers are saying they never asked for them. Which is tons of bullshit. I’ll never play them. But I know why they are making them besides looking for a profit. Maybe some of you just want online tacked on the side of a main game like before. It works. But that might take away development of the high quality gamers look for in the single player game.

Also, the article writer bullshits as well. Says Sony only has one PS VR 2 game. GT7 and Horizon launched with PS VR 2. Just because it’s a hybrid doesn’t negate that GT7 is a VR game too. Just like RE8, No Man’s Skyrim, Borderlands, Hitman, RE4 Remake VR, etc. No one complains about those games but continue to dismiss that Sony launched GT7 VR with a full game. Dismiss that Sony is paying Capcom to keep them exclusive like RE7. They also published just recently Firewall Ultra. Which also gets looked over. They say Sony’s not treating VR well but they won’t say shit when RE4 shows up. Then it’s crickets until some BS site pulls up more nonsense.

Sony didn’t buy more studios just for them to relax in a hammock somewhere. They are making more games. And just like every other generation, the waterfall of games coming will shut the negative narrative and bullshitters up. Then, PS6 will launch, and then we’ll again, hear the bullshit.

10 online games over the course of PS5 generation isn’t much. I’d bet there will be double, triple the amount of single player games because Sony knows that gamers want that. And they do well with that.

By mrtrv