Exorcism is the third part of a long trail of quests that players will embark on when they visit The Eleos Retreat. This location will one day house ex-cons in the hopes of giving them what they need for a brighter future, but it’s just a construction sight right now.

After following the trail of a kidnapped construction worker, rescuing them, and figuring out who took them, players are left with a choice as to how to deal with those responsible. There are three potential paths to take, and each one can make a player’s life easier or harder.

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Should You Kill, Persuade, or Pay Off the Trackers in Exorcism in Starfield

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At the start of Exorcism, players must speak with all four core characters at The Elos Retreat that they’ve been dealing with. They all have their own opinions as to how players should deal with the Trackers who took the construction worker.

Sloan asks that players talk the Trackers down while Nevan gives players money to pay them off. Monika asks that players convince the Trackers there’s no point extorting or attacking a group of counselors, and Greg, who was kidnapped, tells players to kill the Trackers or do what they feel is best.

When players confront the Trackers by waiting for them in the abandoned outpost, they’ll have three options for how to deal with them. We’ve broken down each one and its impact below.

What Happens if You Kill the Trackers in Exorcism in Starfield

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If players choose to attack the Trackers, either before speaking to them or mid-conversation, a fight will break out. Players need to beat the Trackers to progress the quest. The only rewards are the gear the Trackers are wearing, which isn’t that great, and the easy fight reflects this.

When players return to Sloan, she’s disappointed things had to resort to bloodshed. After this point in the quest, players will start the next step, called Peacemaker, which sees them meet with one of The Eleos Retreat’s benefactors.

This benefactor wants to know exactly what happened with the Trackers so they can protect The Eleos Retreat by opening a discussion with the Trackers Alliance. Players will visit the benefactor and can explain how things went down.

Telling the benefactor that the Trackers were killed makes things more challenging for them going into a conversation with the Alliance, but not impossible. They’ll reward players with a set of Peacemaker gear regardless. We see this as the bad ending, the worst option players can take.

What Happens if You Pay the Trackers Off in Exorcism in Starfield

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If players choose to pay off the Trackers in the Exorcism quest in Starfield, the Trackers initially refuse. However, once players offer the sum of 20,000 credits, the Trackers will take the money and leave. They do suggest that more Trackers will come, though, meaning this wasn’t a safe deal.

When players return to Sloan after paying the Trackers, she’s relieved no one was hurt. Then, in the Peacemaker quest that follows, players will need to tell The Eleos Retreat’s benefactor how the Trackers were paid off.

The benefactor still awards players the Peacemaker gear and weapon, but they see this as an easier talking point for their meeting with the Trackers Alliance. While this is a good ending for everyone, money meant to help ex-cons has been spent on actual criminals, so it doesn’t feel like anything but a neutral ending to the quest.

What Happens if You Persuade the Trackers to Leave The Eleos Retreat Alone in Exorcism in Starfield

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If players choose to Persuade the Trackers in the Exorcism quest in Starfield, they’ll need to pass a persuasion check. We found this extremely simple, but we were Rank 3 in the Persuasion Skill at the time.

Provided players pass the persuasion check, the Trackers will agree to leave The Eleos Retreat alone. Reporting this back to Sloan provides the same response as paying them off. She’s happy. Players should be pleased too, because they’ve just saved all Nevan’s Credits for themselves.

When players meet with The Eleos Retreat’s benefactor now, they can explain how they managed to talk down hardened bounty hunters from trying to shut down a business that could end their careers. It’s impressive, and the benefactor is very impressed. There are no additional rewards for this path, just the same Peacemaker gear.

However, we see this as the good ending to the quest. Everyone emerges as a winner, especially The Eleos Retreat. In terms of XP earned, this path is definitely the most beneficial, so it’s a win all around.

What is the Best Way to Complete Exorcism in Starfield

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We believe that the best way to complete the Exorcism quest in Starfield is to persuade the Trackers to leave The Eleos Retreat alone. This allows players to keep the extra Credits from Nevan and earns them additional XP for a completed persuasion check. When combined with the overall rewards for the Peacemaker quest that follows, this is the best possible outcome players could hope for.

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