Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan continues to remain unstoppable at the box office. Directed by Atlee, the action thriller is set to cross Rs 800 crore globally. The film, which also stars Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Deepika Padukone, Sanya Malhotra, and Sunil Grover, has received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Atlee Kumar, in an interview today, has confirmed that the sequel to the film will happen one day and also hinted at possibility of a spin-off based on the character of Vikram Rathore, played by Shah Rukh Khan.


Atlee confirms ‘Jawan’ sequel to be made

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, when asked if Atlee is thinking about a ‘Jawan’ sequel given that there’s an open ending in the film. He said, “Every film of mine has such kind of (open) ending, I have never ever thought of doing sequels to any of my films. But I’ve given an open arch to it, so if something strong comes to me, I will make a part two. I have kept an open end and I can come up with a sequel now or later. But definitely will come up with a sequel to Jawan one day.”

According to sources, Atlee has already started his work on the script of the sequel, Jawan 2. Even Shah Rukh Khan had already hinted at a possible sequel to the film. The superstar took to Twitter to thank his fans for their love and appreciation for Jawan and also teased them with a cryptic tweet.

A user asked, “Sir kaali ke saath ‘deal’ kyu nahi kar rahe.. I am a big vijay sethupathi sir fan !” To which actor quipped and replied, “I am a big fan of Vijay sir too… par Kaali ka kaala dhan toh le liya ab dekho doosron ke bhi Swiss banks se lekar aata hoon… Buss visa ka hi wait kar raha hoon. Ha ha!!!”

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The tweet had already sparked a lot of speculation among the fans, who are wondering if Shah Rukh Khan is hinting at a twist in the plot of Jawan or a possible sequel to the film. Some fans have also replied to his tweet with their theories and guesses.


A Spin-off on Vikram Rathore?

Atlee also said if he had to make a spin-off, he will make it based on the character of Vikram Rathore, who is one of the two roles played by Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan. He said, “Vikram Rathore is my hero, may be I’ll plan a spin off on him” He also added, “I am a daddy’s boy and hence, I love to write strong father characters. You can see it in all my films.”

Vikram Rathore is a former army officer who suffers from memory loss and becomes a vigilante who fights for justice and social causes. He is also the father of Azad Rathore, who is the other role played by Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan. Fans have been gushing over this avatar of Shah Rukh Khan since its release and have been demanding a spin off film based on him.

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Atlee to plan a film starring both Shah Rukh Khan and Thalapathy Vijay

On being asked if Atlee consider any other actor like Thalapathy Vijay In Jawan, he replied “Jawan was only made for Khan sir. I didn’t have any second thoughts on that.”

He also mentioned the reason why he didn’t ask Thalapathy Vijay for a cameo in Jawan, was because he wants to write a proper role for both of them in the same film, since both have given him best of his career arch in his life. He expects it to earn over ₹1500 crores globally.

He also added that he hasn’t thought of what he’s doing next, but he will definitely plan a film with Thalapathy Vijay. He also added that he’s promised SRK that he’s only going to grow from here and deliver films even bigger than jawan at a global scale.

Atlee confirms a different OTT cut for Jawan

Atlee also confirmed a different cut for OTT platforms in the same interview, “I think we’ve given the right ratio of emotions in the film for theaters. For OTT we’re considering a different rhythm to it. Let me surprise you all.” He also added that he’s already working on the cut and wants to get it right.

Atlee reveals that opening scene with massy massy background, interval point and memory coming back in the climax are his favorite scenes in Jawan.

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Atlee expresses his admiration for Shah Rukh Khan

During the success event two days back, the Tamil filmmaker Atlee Kumar, went on to express his admiration for the Bollywood superstar. He said that Jawan is his love letter to Shah Rukh Khan. Atlee shared that he is a fan of cinema and also touched upon his moviemaking process and said, ”I’m not a writer or director; I’m a fan, and a fan not to an individual but to cinema. Whatever attracts me… Whatever feels right, I make it. I don’t know the formula; I can’t explain the formula or how I find this.”

He also spoke about the film’s budget. Atlee said that he had narrated the script of Jawan to Shah Rukh Khan over a video call and that he was impressed by his vision and passion. He said that Shah Rukh Khan gave him full freedom to execute his vision and that he was very supportive throughout the making of the film. He also thanked Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara for their brilliant performances and for being a part of his dream project.

He said, “I narrated the film on a Zoom call during Covid times. I know theatrical footfall was going down and people were not ready to greenlight even a 30-40 crore film. I know because I am also a producer. But sir (Shah Rukh Khan) green-lighted a Rs 300 cr film when everyone was skeptical. But we didn’t stop at Rs 300 cr. We went more. We made a blockbuster in three days and now, we are flying.”


Jawan: A Record-breaking Success

Jawan, which released on September 8, 2023, has become the biggest opener and has minted Rs 129.6 crores on day 1 worldwide and now is set to cross Rs 800 crores. The film has received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, who have praised Shah Rukh Khan’s performance in a double role, Atlee’s direction, AR Rahman’s music, and the action sequences.

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Jawan tells the story of Azad Rathore, who is a mastermind behind a series of hijackings and kidnappings that target corrupt politicians and businessmen. He is also on a mission to find his father Vikram Rathore, who was presumed dead after a covert operation gone wrong. However, he soon realizes that his father is alive and is being hunted by a ruthless arms dealer named Kalee Gaikwad, played by Vijay Sethupathi. The film also stars Nayanthara as Narmada Rai Rathore, a senior police officer who is Azad’s love interest and wife; Deepika Padukone as Aishwarya Rathore, Azad’s sister; Priyamani as Lakshmi, Vikram’s love interest; Sanya Malhotra as Dr. Eeram, Azad’s friend; Sunil Grover as Irani, Azad’s accomplice; Yogi Babu as Pappu, Azad’s sidekick; Sanjeeta Bhattacharya as Helena, Kalee’s associate; Mukesh Chhabra as Pappu Abhishek Deswal as Abdul; Riddhi Dogra as Kaveri; Sanjay Dutt as Madhavan Nayak, an ex-army officer; Fahim Fazli as Moner; Benedict Garrett as Mr. D; Lehar Khan as Kalki; Harshad Kumar as Teacher; Girija Oak as Ishkra.

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