The writers’ strike is the talk of the town in Hollywood, as it continues to be dragged on by the AMPTP due to its refusal to meet the strikers’ demands. As intended, the strike has put a pin on the production of many TV shows and movies, but even so, there’s no end in sight.

This strike has already surpassed the duration of the previous one, which took place over a decade ago, and perhaps because of that, some people are refusing to wait any longer to get back to work. Bill Maher is one of those people, who intends to get his talk show back to the screen, and he’s not about to let this strike stand in the way.

The comedian has recently announced via X/Twitter that Real Time with Bill Maher will return after its five-month break. Granted, it will in no way be on the same level as viewers are used to, as the scripted parts of the show have been eliminated in order to “honor the spirit of the strike,” according to Maher. Of course, this has led to accusations online, with folks calling out the host for scabbing. Even so, a portion of viewers, seemingly unconcerned about the strike, are looking forward to seeing the show return, and wish to know exactly when that will be.

When will Real Time with Bill Maher return?

Bill Maher and his talk show will return to TV on Friday, Sept. 22, as per Deadline. This means that Real Time with Bill Maher will be back to its original programming, and should be expected to continue airing new episodes weekly for the foreseeable future.

With this decision, Maher becomes the first late-night talk show host to return to the screen since the strike began, to some people’s surprise. The political satirist has never shied away from sparking controversy, however, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t start now.

By mrtrv