This hack is great if you’re ever in a situation where you need to extend the reach of your drill and going out to buy a proper extension is either not an option or simply too much of a bother. These four-way screwdrivers come equipped with a removable shaft that typically has a large and small flat head bit which is magnetically held on one side, and a large and small Phillips head on the other.

To use this with your drill, simply remove the shaft from the handle and insert whichever side you don’t need into the drill’s chuck. You can then tighten the chuck like normal and voilà! You have an extended driver bit that should be sturdy enough for most basic home needs.

Of course, the four-way screwdriver shaft wasn’t exactly built to withstand the kind of torque that can be forced on it by a power tool. It’s also possible that the chuck might not be able to get the same clamping pressure that it would on a bit that was actually designed to go inside a power driver. It’s possible, however, that the driver shaft might be damaged, so it’s definitely not recommended as a permanent solution. Still, a hack like this could really come in clutch on a job site where you don’t have any other options available.

By mrtrv