In the vast expanses of Starfield, you’ll traverse multiple galaxies, pilot various ships, and encounter numerous settlements. Hopetown might not be as glitzy as some other places, but it carries its charm. Established by Ron Hope, HopeTown is renowned for its Hopetown shipyard. If you’re looking to upgrade your ship, this is the place to visit.

Here’s our Starfield Hopetown Location Guide – Exact Starmap Location.

Where To Find Hopetown in Starfield

To find Hopetown in Starfield, navigate to the Valo system, adjacent to Narion, which is near the game’s starting point, Alpha Centauri. Once you’re in the Valo system, locate the planet Polvo. Upon scanning Polvo, you should spot Hopetown on its surface.

Starfield Narion Starmap Location
Image: Bethesda

Ron Hope is the mind behind Hopetown, home of the Hopetown shipyard. The vessels and parts produced there are admired throughout the galaxy. You might visit while working for the Freestar Collective Rangers faction. HopeTown is located on the planet Polvo in the Valo system.

All things to do at Hopetown in Starfield

When you arrive at Hopetown, there’s plenty to engage in. The central Starfield HopeTech building is the hub of activities, where you can purchase new reactors, housing the majority of NPCs. But don’t forget the ones outside and in adjacent zones. Just after you fast-travel, near your arrival point, a Ship Services Technician eagerly awaits. He offers a range of impressive ships, provided you have the credits to spare. And if you’re keen on HopeTech ship parts, they’re available for purchase for your Ship Builder endeavors. Before departing, make sure to explore every nook and cranny.

There are mainly four main points of interest in Hopetown:

  • HopeTech, mentioned above.
  • Chunks
  • There are two Hopetown Skill Magazines you can find
    • Gunslinger’s Guide 03 Magazine
      • Loot the magazine in the Rangers Building.
      • Permanently reload and draw Laredo weapons an additional 5% faster.
    • CombaTech Catalog 03 Magazine
      • Loot the magazine from the Best Defense Shop.
      • Further increases the range and accuracy of CombaTech weapons

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