Ogerpon is one of the new Pokemon added to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s The Teal Mask DLC, and one of the main characters of the story. You’ll learn about this Pokemon as you explore the Kitakami, and uncover its secrets.

When you reach the end of the story, all players can catch Ogerpon. A unique aspect of this Pokemon is the various masks that it wears, and these can be swapped out to change Ogerpon’s typing, making it a flexible Pokemon that you can use in battle. This guide covers how Ogerpon’s Masks work, all types, and how to them in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in The Teal Mask DLC.

All Ogerpon Masks & How They Work in The Teal Mask

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The Ogerpon Masks are considered to be held items. You can find them in your inventory in the Other Items category of your bag. They work like other held items in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, where you give them to a Pokemon to hold in battle. These directly augment Ogerpon, giving it additional typing. Without the masks, Ogerpon is a Grass-type, but you can make it a Rock, Water, or Fire-type, on top of being a Grass-type, and you can use this Pokemon outside of the Teal Mask DLC.

All Ogerpon Mask Types in The Teal Mask

There are three masks for you to use that you can find in the Other Items category of your bag. These are the names of those masks, and how they augment Ogerpon in The Teal Mask.

  • Cornerstone Mask: Giving this to Ogerpon turns it into a Grass and Rock-type.
  • Hearthflame Mask: Giving this to Ogerpon turns it into a Grass and Fire-type.
  • Wellspring Mask: Giving this to Ogerpon turns it into a Grass and Water-type.

How to Get All Ogerpon Masks in The Teal Mask

Thankfully, these masks appear as you progress through The Teal Mask’s main story. These masks are stolen by the Loyal Three, the legendary Pokemon that were seen to be protecting the town from Ogerpon when in reality, they were the true enemies of Ogerpon and banished it away in The Teal Mask. After you defeat them all, and Ogerpon, all these masks appear in your inventory. You can use them at any time. It’s unclear if additional masks will appear for the Indigo Disk, but it’s unlikely.

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