It goes without saying that we live in a world where no horror franchise that retains even the slightest hint of popularity, brand awareness, and name recognition is ever going to be allowed to simply fade away and call it quits, but there’s one coincidentally ominous sign that maybe Final Destination should be one of them.

Across its five installments, the saga that somehow managed to turn a single concept into a string of surprisingly inventive and regularly entertaining supernatural extravaganzas finished up its cumulative box office run with an entirely fitting cumulative box office total of $666 million. You really couldn’t make it up, but after an absence that’s now reached a dozen years, the sixth chapter is finally on the cards.


To be fair, it’s been lingering in development hell for a while, but Final Destination 6 really got a shot in the arm when Spider-Man director Jon Watts got on board as one of the key creatives. Of course, the strikes mean that nothing will be happening for the foreseeable future, but the IP is at least set to bring back its lucky charm.

Per Bloody Disgusting, genre legend Tony Todd will be reprising his role as the sinister mortician in William Bludworth, having previously lent his gravitas to the first, second, and fifth films in the series. More Tony Todd is never a bad thing, especially when his character has been a firm fan favorite, but until the strikes end that might be the biggest development we hear regarding Final Destination 6 for quite some time.

By mrtrv