Updated versions of Android Auto will now let users attend important work meetings, provided they are set up in Cisco’s WebEx or Zoom. It’s rather strange to see that Google’s official app, Google Meet, is missing from the list of tools that support this feature. This newfound capability effectively lets users join scheduled meetings right from their car. Of course, video calling functionality will be turned off in this mode, and the meeting shall proceed in voice-only mode to ensure safety.

Google is also promising more accurate weather predictions on cars with Google Built-in thanks to the impending launch of the official Weather Channel app. This is in addition to many entertainment options that will let you make the most of long, dreary trips. The biggest addition is the official rollout of Amazon Prime Video to the Google Play Store for Android Auto. However, this app will be limited to select cars from Renault, Polestar, and Volvo for now. Besides these media and entertainment options, Google has also confirmed the availability of the Vivaldi browser for Android Auto and cars with Google Built-in. 

Finally, Google confirmed that more cars will support the digital car key feature, currently supported by a limited number of cars. However, Google has confirmed that support will be added to more cars from Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia in the near future. 

By mrtrv