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The Moon Bo and Sun Blade in Sea of Stars are, respectively, Valere and Zale’s best weapons in the game, and they can give a mighty advantage against the final boss. There are several weapons for you to use in the game, spread across all the playable characters. While there are great options to equip for the final confrontation, mostly found on the last map, the best weapons for Valere and Zale in Sea of Stars are hidden away behind a secondary objective. These weapons are not obligatory for the conclusion of the game, but they can give an edge to the Solstice Warriors.

This article contains massive SPOILERS for Sea of Stars.

To be able to hunt down the legendary weapons for Valere and Zale, namely the Moon Bo and the Sun Blade, you will need to advance significantly into the main story, nearly up until its end. These weapons are locked behind the solution of all Solstice Shrine puzzles and, while some can be regularly done throughout the campaign, a few require you to go further. After defeating the Dweller of Dread in Seraï’s World, you will unlock the power of flight with the protagonists, which will be key in getting to the rest of the Solstice Shrines and facing the Elder Mist in Sea of Stars.

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All Solstice Shrine Locations & Solutions In Sea Of Stars

Artwork centered on Valere from Sea of Stars holding a staff, with Zale and Garl in the background.

The first Solstice Shrine needed in order to obtain the Moon Bo and Sun Blade is located on Evermist Island. For reference, this is the first island that you explore in Sea of Stars, immediately after leaving Mooncradle Village. Upon getting through the Forbidden Cavern, the Solstice Shrine is to the East.

To open this location, you need to use the Evermist Shrine Key, which is obtained naturally while playing through the campaign. Elder Moraine gives you this item. Inside this Shrine, you will need to use your wind power to push blocks and take the crystal-like one to its destination without touching the illuminated blocks around the arena.

Upon completing the Solstice Shrine in Evermist Island, you will receive the Combo ability Soonrang, which is much like Valere’s Moonrang in Sea of Stars, but also infuses Zale’s solar powers into the mix. The second Solstice Shrine that you need to access is located on Wraith Island.

This is the gloomy island with the Town of Lucent and the Cursed Woods. To get access to its interior chamber, you will have to use the Graplou ability on the pole. Within this Shrine, you will need to solve a puzzle to reach the chest. Start off by stepping on the lower right platform, which will elevate the lower left platform.

You should then go to the newly-raised platform, climb, and jump to the middle-left platform to get the Solstice Shrine Key A. The next step is to insert it into the slot at the right part of the map. This will create a set of stairs on the right, which can be used to grab a Shimmering Staff from an optional chest in Sea of Stars. You then need to use the lever in the center to reset the platforms and grab the Solstice Shrine Key A from its slot on the right. The key should then be inserted in the slot near the lower-left platform.

Return to the lower-right platform, step on it to elevate the lower-left platform once more, then proceed to the lower-left platform to climb the path to the top-left pillar and claim Solstice Shrine Key B. Insert this item into the right slot, use the lever to reset the platforms, and grab Key A again. Climb the steps on the right again past the optional chest and in the top-right corner, insert Key A. Take Key B from the lower-right slot and insert it into the left slot, then step on the lower-right platform.

There is a secondary optional chest left from the main chest that has a Shimmering Sword for Zale.

You will then be able to make your way up to the top with the left platforms. The main chest holds a Solstice Sash, which boosts the user’s Magic Attack by 7 points. These two first Solstice Shrines can be solved before acquiring the ability to fly. The last three, however, require this end-game ability.

The third Solstice Shrine can be found on an island to the West, just between Evermist and Sleeper Islands in Sea of Stars. The first puzzle is to change the time of day to open the door. First place the light on the left moonlight gauge, then rotate clockwise to fill the right moonlight gauge.

Continue turning time clockwise to fill the right sunlight gauge and then clockwise again to fill the left sunlight gauge. The puzzle inside the third Solstice Shrine requires you to move on a platform to reach the right and left sides of the room, interact with each totem, and then proceed to the top middle area to claim the chest.

The arrows on the platform dictate the direction you are going in and can only be activated once. You may jump down into the chasm to return to the beginning of the puzzle in Sea of Stars and step on the tile to reset the platform.

In fact, you are required to do so to be able to reach both sides and then claim the chest at the end. The chest in the third Solstice Shrine contains Eclipse Armor, which is one of the best armors for Valere and Zale. The fourth Solstice Shrine in Sea of Stars is located to the East of the map, just South of Mirth. The door also needs to be opened with time-changing abilities. Start off with the left tiles and move counterclockwise as they are filled out.

This needs to be done quickly in order to succeed.

Once inside, you will need to use these powers again to reach and interact with three totems. Using sunlight in the proper position will make vines grow and using moonlight will make platforms stick out. You will need to adequately use these to navigate the area. Luckily, the puzzle is very straightforward and does require too much critical thinking. The chest inside the fourth Solstice Shrine contains Heliacal Earrings in Sea of Stars, a spectacular piece of gear for Zale that increases his Magic Attack by 10 points and makes his Sunball skill’s splash effect deal full damage against targets.

The fifth and final Solstice Shrine, needed to unlock the Moon Bo and Sun Blade in Sea of Stars, is located in Seraï’s World. You will also need the flight ability to reach this island to the West. Here, you will need to open the door using your time-changing powers again. Climb on the left platform, toggle the left tile to make it rise, then quickly toggle the right tiles to make the smaller platforms available. Make your way to the other large platform on the right then set the light to the left tiles again to make it rise in order to reach the lever.

Inside the fifth chamber, click on the crystals to illuminate the area.

In the fifth Solstice Shrine, you will need to interact with a few totems. You will need to use the blocks at the center of the arena to determine where the ground will appear, allowing you to move around, activate the rest of the totems, and reach the chest at the end of the puzzle. The chest contains Celestial Ray, a great item in Sea of Stars that boosts Magic Attack by 5 points and makes the user regenerate an extra +1 MP with every regular attack used. Clearing out the five Solstice Shrines will enable you to take the final steps into acquiring the Moon Bo and Sun Blade.

After completing all five Solstice Shrines, you should return to the Mountain Trail, where you first met the Elder Mist. Instead of using the teleport into its trial, you should proceed backward down the mountainside and into a small door located directly underneath the Elder Mist’s lair, behind waterfalls. Interact with the misty portal inside the room and the Elder Mist will talk to the Solstice Warriors in Sea of Stars, issuing them a challenge in order to obtain the legendary weapons for Valere and Zale.

How To Beat Elder Mist (Second Fight) In Sea Of Stars

Zale's icon to the left, the Elder Mist's icon to the right, and the main starting party facing the Elder Mist in Sea of Stars in the background.

You will have to face the Elder Mist once again in Sea of Stars, but this time the battle is much harder, and you can only use Valere and Zale. This means your companions have no way of helping at all. The big difference during the second version of the fight is how hard Elder Mist hits. You should be extremely wary of his counterattack that slams the entire party and deals a massive amount of damage. To avoid this, try destroying his sword as quickly as possible. This sword regenerates and will need to be destroyed again, but having it broken will help you avoid getting punished.

Bring a full stock of Sea of Stars‘ foods into the fight, as this can help heal and perhaps even revive a character should they fall in battle.

You should also try to break his locks all the way through. If that is not possible, try to break as many of his locks as possible to reduce the damage you will sustain. This can be a gruesome and long fight, but once he is defeated, Elder Mist will reward you with Moon Bo for Valere and Sun Blade for Zale, two of the best weapons in the game. Defeating the Elder Mist in this side quest also grants the “Elder Dissed” Trophy or Achievement for Sea of Stars, depending on which platform you are playing on.

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