Original (9/12): Disney Dreamlight Valley will be releasing a new Enchanted Adventure update tomorrow, Gameloft has announced. We also have the patch notes.

A new Realm door is coming with Belle and Beast joining the game. That’s along with new quests, new optional items, and more.


– A new Realm door opens! Explore the enchanting Beauty and the Beast Realm and unearth its secrets. 

– Two new characters! Belle and Beast arrive in the Valley, alongside brand new Friendship Quests and items. 

– Get ready to stretch those legs! The optional Ursula’s Transformation Dream Bundle arrives in the Premium Shop, introducing a new Dream Style for Ursula that transforms her into her human form, and serves up exclusive quests, outfits, accessories and furniture. 

– Trick AND treat! The new Haunted Holiday Star Path puts the focus on frightful fun, including a wide array of costumes and décor to help you prepare your Valley for the Halloween season. 

– New quests! Help The Forgotten settle into the Valley over the course of the update with a series of quests. 

– More optional items are coming to the Premium Shop for a limited time that are bound to fit your seasonal vibe, including an iconic hill, some Disneyland staples, and much more! 

– New weekly DreamSnaps challenges to help you get in the festive spirit and show off your costuming creativity. 

– Bring on the candy! Last year’s in-game candy event returns, giving you another chance to earn rewards by completing seasonal Dreamlight Duties, available from October 24 to November 1. 

– Up your crafting productivity! When crafting fences and paths, you will receive more units of the crafted item. 

– Fill out those Collections! Items previously found exclusively in pouches can now be found in Scrooge McDuck’s Store. 


– Improved memory optimization for increased stability. 

– Various improvements to DreamSnaps stability and performance. 

– “Sprouting a Story” quest: Fixed an issue is which the storybook page in Mother Gothel’s house was unreachable. 

– “What’s Left Behind” quest: Fixed an issue in which players were unable to speak with The Forgotten 

– “Boss Up” quest: Fixed an issue in which Scar’s Lure would disappear for some players. 

– “Meddling Mirabel” quest: Fixed an issue in which some players were unable to collect the cash register key needed to progress in this quest. 

– “Eyes in the Dark” quest: Fixed an issue in which the bridge did not appear to lower across the river and the cutscene did not play. 

– The Forgotten will now change their appearance to match the player’s avatar shortly after leaving the Wardrobe menu. 

– Added new animation and VFX to The Forgotten. 

– Various UI and localization fixes. 

– Various visual and sound fixes. 

– Various additional bug fixes and optimizations. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available on the Switch eShop.

Update (9/13): A trailer for the update has been released, which we have below.

By mrtrv