Summons are one of the best parts of Final Fantasy. Unfortunately, for many titles in the series, you have to beat them to coax them into joining you. In some cases, they can be some of the most challenging encounters, especially when the game gives you less than ideal resources, like no party members, to fight them. In FFVII: Ever Crisis, Zack is the one doing all the heavy lifting, as he’s flying solo to defeat Ifrit, so here’s our guide on how to get it done.

Tips To Beat Ifrit in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

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To defeat Ifrit in Ever Crisis, you’ll want access to blizzard-based attacks. In our case, we equipped Zack with the blizzard materia and the Zweihander, which is a gold weapon. If you don’t have a gold weapon for Zack, a purple one will suffice as long as you have access to Blizzard Blow. Having a setup with blizzard-based materia is pretty useful as well, as it hits the same weakness we’re aiming for.

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During the fight, focus all of your attention on using ice-based attacks while waiting for the bar to recharge. Whenever your health gets low, no matter if it’s ten hitpoints or one hundred, you should always top it off completely. Ifrit has an attack called Charge that does a whole bunch of damage quickly, so be prepared to go into defense mode and heal once the attack is done. Eventually, you should whittle his health down to zero and claim victory.

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As simple as we made it sound, this boss fight has been a bane for inexperienced players. He can dish out a lot of damage in chunks, which is different from the bosses we faced up until this point. Use this as an opportunity to learn about weaknesses and how to switch out your gear to best exploit the elemental weakness of the enemy you’re fighting.

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