The final decision you have to make when you reach Unity in Starfield is you have to choose if you wish to become Starborn or if you want to return to your Universe. It’s a huge decision, and it’s not one you want to make lightly when you play the game.

You make these decisions by walking away from the center of Unity, or by going into it. The character you meet at Unity, yourself, will give you the chance to ponder the choice. However, they have shared that you can return to Unity if you wish to do so. Should you become Starborn or return to your Universe in Starfield?

What Happens When You Become Starborn in Starfield?

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The first choice you can make after meeting yourself is to walk toward the center of Unity. From here, your character will become Starborn, ripping away the unique parts that have made them human, and they’ll transform into Starborn, entering another universe in Starfield. When they enter the next universe, there will be a handful of changes that they can expect to encounter, and it won’t be exactly the same as it was from the previous playthroughs.

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This is a final decision, and you will see the end of Starfield if you make this choice. Unless you have a save that you made before you make this choice, you won’t be able to return to your old universe, and you have to continue your new playthrough in the New Game Plus.

What Happens When You Return To Your Universe in Starfield?

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The alternative is for your character to turn around and continue to walk towards the stars. Your alternative self will tell you when you’re getting close to the edge of the starfield, and when you do get far enough away, your character returns to their ship. They’ll have the chance to return to Unity at any time, should they ever want to create the Armillary again, and use your Starfield’s ships Grav Drives to transport themselves back there.

Should You Become Starborn or Return To Your Universe in Starfield for One Giant Leap?

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The choice is entirely up to you. If there are still things you want to finish and complete in your Starfield playthrough, I recommend turning around and walking to the edge of space. You’ll return to your ship, and you can work through the game, completing any final touches that you want to end, giving you the chance to see some unique endings. However, if you’ve done everything you want to play in Starfield, walking to the center of Unity begins the New Game Plus, kicking off a new playthrough for your Starfield character.

Everything will reset when you become a Starborn, and you’ll have the chance to start the game over again, making new decisions.

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