To help cut back on the gold grinding in Fae Farm, we’ve written a guide to tell you how you can earn thousands of florins within a single day with little effort. All of this can be done within the first few hours of starting the story.

The fastest way to acquire a lot of florins quickly in Fae Farm is by using the Gem Polisher to create polished gemstones. Follow the steps we’ve laid out below and you’ll have more than enough to buy anything the shops have to sell within a few in-game days!

Fae Farm gold grinding

Step 1 – first dungeon unlock

To start out with gold grinding in Fae Farm, progress far enough into the story to unlock the first dungeon, Saltwater Mines. You’ll get a short quest line to do this when Eddy instructs you to talk to Cleo, who will give you the key to the dungeon after you’ve prepared some food and bought a potion.

Step 2 – Magical Tool Hacks quest

Complete the quest “Magical Tool Hacks” which requires you to craft an Iron Pickaxe. You can start mining as soon as you unlock the dungeon, but the Iron Pickaxe will yield you more gems from mining points, making the process much faster. Make sure to gather enough iron and gemstones to create a Gem Polisher too!

Step 3 – Waypoints fast travel

Create a few more seals to activate floor Waypoints for fast travel. This will make it easier for you to get to the more profitable floors, which you’ll be able to gauge when you examine the menu: each floor will detail what materials you can find, and give you a general idea of how common or rare they’ll be.

We’d recommend crafting enough seals to unlock up to floor 15. Once you hit this floor you’ll start seeing Rough Aquamarine, which will sell for more, but you won’t get quite as many per yield with your current equipment, and the goal here is to be as efficient as possible.

Fae Farm gold grinding

Step 4 – mining

The last step foe Fae Farm gold grinding: start mining! Use the rough gemstones you acquire to craft Polished gemstones at your Gem Polisher (if you want to make more faster, then make multiple Gem Polishers, although if you leave it to run whilst you’re mining for more this shouldn’t be necessary) and then sell them at the market.

Polished Citrine sell for 125 florins each, and Polished Peridot sell for 188 florins each. Both require 10 raw materials to create. This may not sound like a worthwhile investment, but you can easily gather enough materials in one trip to craft 10 or more at a time, and it adds up.

Fae Farm gold grinding

If you want to be as efficient as possible, craft a Citrine Seal and a Peridot Seal, so that you can fast travel between Saltwater Mines and your Homestead. This will allow you to quickly deposit the materials gained if you fill up your inventory, and check on your Gem Polisher’s progress.

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By mrtrv