There are several maps in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, including the Family House Map, and those who often find themselves playing the victims know how important it can be to know all the exit locations. Knowing where and how to open each exit on the map can mean the difference between survival and being caught by the family.

On the Family House Map, as is the same in every other Texas Chainsaw Massacre map, there are four exits for victims to escape through. Each one will have its own requirements that must be met before it can be accessed, however. Additionally, the exits often only open for a short duration meaning not every victim will be able to make it through.

The Rear Gate Exit

As is common with many of the exits throughout Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Rear Gate exit will be found behind an electrified fence that must be turned off before the exit can be utilized. The gate is connected to a nearby Car Battery which players can find by following the connected wires.

The lights near the exit will indicate if it has been successfully deactivated. A green light means it is safe to pass through, and a red light means that the electricity is still active.

To deactivate the Car Battery, simply interact with it using the indicated button. The gate will also need to be unlocked using a lock pick kit, which can be found all over the map. Either one can be done first, but unlocking the gate may be a good idea as the electricity will only shut off and open the exit for a limited time and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family will be notified when it opens as well.

It’s best to grab some extra lock picks in case the first one breaks, otherwise an escape could go very wrong if the family is alerted, and you’re not able to make it through quickly.

The Basement Door Exit

In the basement, there will be an exit that is powered by a Fuse Box. Therefore, players will need to track down a Fuse and use it on the Fuse Box to open the exit. Unfortunately, it can spawn in several locations, so it may not always be the easiest exit to use. The best places to check for the Fuse are Grandpa’s Room or the Living Room. As for the Fuse Box, it is best to check the Luggage Room, the Shed, or the room of Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s Hitchhiker Killer.

Once you find both, the numbers will need to be correlated between the Fuse and the Fuse Box to successfully activate it. Unfortunately, once activated, victims will need to make a run for it to the Basement Exit. Beware that some of the family members in Texas Chainsaw Massacre are pretty fast, and they will hear the door open, so they may be right on your tail.

The Pressure Valve Exit

As with most of the maps, there is also going to be a Pressure Valve Exit which is typically a little more elaborate of a process than some of the others. The exit itself will be found on the North side of the map and will require tracking down the Valve. Typically, it can be found in either the Luggage Room, Bathroom, or Barn, but note that it spawns randomly, so it can potentially require a decent amount of risk to track down. Once it’s in hand, it will need to be attached at the northwest part of the map, near the driveway.

Once attached, set it to overload so that it will trigger the door to open. Everyone including both Victims and the Family will hear the exit open when the pressure bursts, so it’s best to be as fast as possible. Additionally, since the door only opens temporarily, if any victim is too far away to make it, it’s best that they don’t attempt to try to run for it since the door will likely close before they make it there, and they’ll just be putting themselves in the path of Texas Chainsaw Massacre family members like Sissy, who can be a nightmare to escape from once she is on your tail.

The West Road Exit

The West Road exit is the one that will require the generator. As with other map generator exits, this one will have an electrified fence around it that must be turned off before it can be utilized. Follow the wire coming off the fence to track down the generator if having trouble tracking it down. Texas Chainsaw Massacre victims will need to interact with the generator to shut it off and disable the electric fence.

Once done, the exit can be used, but note that the electricity will likely be turned on by one of the family members rather quickly, so beware of the light which will indicate if the exit is electrified or not. If it is safe, keep running to finally safely escape the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family.

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