One of the best things about Starfield is mods. There are already hundreds of them, ranging from the silly to the sublime—we’ve got a running list of the best Starfield mods, to help you stay on top of them all. There’s just one drawback: If you use mods (or console commands), your Starfield achievements will be disabled. That’s a real problem! The solution? You guessed it: A mod.

The mod in question is called Baka Achievement Enabler (SFSE), and what it does is very simple: “Prevents achievements from being disabled with mods or when using the console.” It’s not too difficult to get running, either. You’ll need to use the Starfield Script Extender—that’s the SFSE bit in the mod title—which enables “additional scripting capabilities and functionality” in Starfield. Once that’s in place, grab the Baka Achievement Enabler mod, extract it into your Starfield root folder (the one with the starfield.exe file) and run the game using the sfse_loader.exe file rather than the normal startup exe. 

By mrtrv